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-The Human Evolution Revolution

Future’s Tomorrow

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After this you will hopefully… Gain a better understanding of why Science,

Technology, Engineering and Math play such a crucial role in our future. (A.K.A STEM!!!)

Understand and learn how STEM principles are being implemented presently and in the near future for the military and private sectors.

Obtain a basic understanding of how STEM philosophy is guiding mankind to a brighter, highly developed and superior future to what is known as the “Singularity”.

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It’s pronounced Sal-moan… Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Joined the Air Force in 2008…you can do the math. I am currently an F-15 Intermediate Avionics and

Automated Test Station Journeyman. Likes: Playing music, WWII, Martial Arts, VIDEO GAMES,

Star Wars/Trek and making PowerPoint presentations about anything to do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math…hehe yeah.

Dislikes: Olives, Peanut Butter, The Dark Side of the force, and Twitter.

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A Day in the Life.Of an F-15 Avionics Team Member here on Kadena AB.

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Private Sector Tech, Now and Soon to be…

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Military Tech, making things go boom…with technology.

Page 8: Future's tomorrow

Railguns (cont) What’s required: Electricity Magnets Something that goes

BOOM!!! …and a child-like

fascination of weaponized science.

Page 9: Future's tomorrow

The Human Evolution Revolution The Basics of the “Singularity” Superhuman intelligence acquired

through either amplification of human intelligence or the artificial intelligence(AI).

This “superintelligence” could allow humans to drastically increase the speed at which humanity would advance in STEM related fields of research and development.

Singularity Perks Prolonged human life with potential of

immortality. Highly advanced medicine practices. Overall stabilization of world order. Basically, anything you can and can’t

even imagine would be possible.

Page 10: Future's tomorrow

STEM…Putting It All Together!

Science: The secrets of our future. Theorizing on everything! Always researching the ways of

humanity, the world and the universe.

Engineering: The schematic of our future. Inventing and improving things

to make the world a better place.

Continuously asking, “I wonder if?”

-What you need to succeed

Page 11: Future's tomorrow

Your Future Starts Now! Technology: The parts and tools of our future. The things that make it all possible. The results of our labors in Science

and Engineering.

Mathematics: The foundation of our future. What you need to know to seriously

pursue any Science or Engineering related fields of study.

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Bottom Line…Your imagination is the limit!!!

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