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G-Eye Extending your monitoring & control capabilities Control and management solution for datacenters, computer rooms and power equipments

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G-Eye Extending your monitoring & control capabilities Control and management solution for datacenters, computer rooms and power equipments Slide 2 G-Eye Net SNMP, cellular, dry contacts, temperature, power measurements, environment monitor Slide 3 G-Eye Datacenters and server facilities, cellular sites and countless other locations require continuous electrical power to function properly. G-Eye enable you to ensure and monitor the electrical supply at any location, and many other parameters. G-Eye is the perfect solution, offering total flexibility and protecting business continuity, and can even be the answer for a remote site in the Amazon forest! G-Eye integrate power measurements and the monitoring and control of UPS(s), environment sensors, dry contacts, and IT devices, all in a single unique device, with built-in immediate alert capabilities via SMS/Mail/SNMP trap/Popup. Works on LAN/WAN network. 19' 1U Slide 4 Environment Extreme environmental changes can dramatically affect the operating capabilities of electrical systems. G-Eye solution: The unit accepts input from multiple temperature sensors, enabling real-time monitoring of temperatures at a number of sites. Alarm thresholds (high and low) can be custom configured for each sensor. When the temperature reading passes above or below the permitted range, the unit immediately issues an alarm message to defined recipients, such as field technicians, indicating the specific critical sensor. Slide 5 Dry Contacts A single, small malfunction at a site can lead to waste and/or damages. The ideal approach is simple: Head off problems before they occur. G-Eye solution: An input dry contact is an electrical circuit that connects to an external device. The external device can open or close the circuit. The G-Eye detects a change in the state of the circuit and issues an alarm message to up to ten user-defined phone numbers. A wide range of supported sensors, such as security/smoke /flood/motion, can also be ordered with the unit. An output dry contact is an electrical circuit that connects to an external device and can be opened or closed at user command. This enables the G-Eye user to control external devices; for example: opening or closing a gate, turning a generator or an air conditioner off or on. Slide 6 Power/UPS 1) Vital electrical systems require backup units to supply power in the event of a mains failure. 2) Wide electrical measurements capacity G-Eye solution: 1)The unit has a built-in web interface enabling the user to browse anytime and anywhere using an internal/external IP address. The internal modem is programmed to immediately send an alert to prearranged recipients when the UPS is in critical state (battery low), while servers receive UDP messages and start count-down before shutdown. Users can also check UPSs estimated backup time based on active load, via the web, and monitor other parameters, including: input/output voltage according to different phases of UPS, dc battery voltage, frequency, battery temperature. 2) 0-5 Vdc analog inputs for high/low voltages and currents, external accessories available for different need. Users are instantly notified if any measurement exceeds user- defined thresholds. Additional inputs accept 4-20 mA, and a kWh meter. Slide 7 IT control Are you instantly informed of server/switch/routers that suddenly lose ping request? Can you be alerted in real-time if the CPU load, physical/virtual memory or hard disc space is over-limit in one of your 40 servers? Today it is possible to remotely connect to each server and perform a manual shutdown when the site is operating on UPS batteries. But after the ac failure is resolved, why wait till morning and wake them manually when someone somewhere in the world needs these servers overnight?! How can you even be sure that the ac has been restored at all? G-Eye solutions: The unit can controls and monitors IT targets. User can configure the IP address, server name, MAC address (retrieved automatically), shutdown countdown length for ac failure/low battery, and countdown time for "wake up" when regular ac power is restored. User-defined number of ping checks, CPU load, physical/virtual memory and hard disk usage limits, as well as alarm status when one of these limits is exceeded. Slide 8 GSM control User controls the unit via simple SMS commands. Alarm messages can be sent to different targets depending on the type of alarm. Examples of control commands: temperature, dryin, dryout, shutdown, wake, it, power, humidity. Some of them are of course password protected. Slide 9 Exclusive G-Eye Solutions Slide 10 Backup capability Need: To monitor devices in a remote location, and to be alerted in the event of a power outage in the building, which has no power backup system. Solution: G-Eye enables you to monitor a wide range of devices and sensors remotely, and has a built-in battery backup that enables it to notify you immediately via SMS in the event of any irregularities, even during a power outage. Slide 11 High number of power measurements Need: To monitor 16 different voltages and current measurements and the frequency of two AC lines, and to be notified instantly when any of the measurements are too high or too low. Solution: G-Eye monitors up to 16 dc and ac voltages and currents and two ac line frequencies. Real-time measurements are viewable on-line at any time. System generates instant notification of management and technicians via email and/or SMS if any of the measurements fall outside of their user-defined acceptable ranges. Slide 12 Easy migration path You are a satisfied user of G4, using it to perform multiple monitoring, and control functions, but you have exhausted G4's capacities you need additional input and output connections. Solution: Move up to the G-Eye same great features as the G4, but many more analog inputs for power measurements, more input and output dry contacts, plus battery backup. After configuring G-Eye for the desired alarms, simply disconnect your inputs from the G4, connect them to the G-Eye, and you're ready to go. Slide 13 AC Fail Air Condition stop operationAir condition start operation automatically Shutdown Servers Motion detector GPRS/SMS Control and Notification Leak detection and notification High temperature Smoke detector Door open Alarm Change your point of view AC Recovered Wake-up Servers SNMP trap Server room Battery cabinet DC > 380v AC current >200A G-Eye Slide 14 Control via SMS The G-Eye can send notifications up to 10 mobile phone numbers. Any of these numbers can be granted full control over the unit if desired. A status SMS command returns a short description of the units state. All critical commands require an SMS password and the originating phone number must be defined via the web interface as being authorized to issue commands. User can choose to receive periodic automatic status notifications. Critical commands include: Shutdown server, wake up server, change dry contact status (open, close, pulse), reboot. Slide 15 Control via SMS commands Slide 16 G-Eye Added Values: Support various UPS Manufacturer and all Gamatronic UPS & DC systems. Monitors up to 32 Network devices (Servers, routers) Wake up delay (Wake On LAN). Environment input measurements : 4 temperature sensors,2 humidity inputs,1 flood detector, 1 liquid level (4-20 mA). 2 Frequencies. 2 kWH meter inputs. 4 analog inputs 60 mVdc / 60 Vdc. 12 analog inputs 05 Vdc. External accessories available for stepping down high voltages and high currents. Up to 32 environmental sensors via dry contacts. Up to 16 dry contact controlled devices. 1 internal Quad band cellular modem. Auto response to events. Full remote control via Web or mobile phone. Event group notifications. Event logs (256). Slide 17 Site Remote User GSM: Control and manage via mobile phone Http: Internal web server, history log, friendly GUI for configuration and instant access SNMP: Polling, trap to SNMP manager software Notification: SMS, Emails and SNMP traps Power measurements UPS monitoring, Gamatronic DC systems AC/DC voltage/current Frequency kWH meter Environment Humidity Temperature Flood Liquid Level (4-20 mA) Input/Output dry contacts Servers Check CPU load, Memory space and more Ping check Automatic Shutdown/wake-up in UPS failures and immediate shutdown in critical event Auto response G-eye can automatically respond to events without human intervention. Slide 18 G-Eye main screen Slide 19 UPS P+ Slide 20 Internal web interface enables remote access and friendly GUI. Slide 21 Slide 22 G-Eye IT devices Thru SNMP, the cpu load, virtual / physical memory and hard disc space are constantly monitored. User can configure different limits. Slide 23 Thank you !