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Research and planning


  • 1. The target audience I am going to aimmy music magazine is people who areinterested in chart music, although thisis most people, I will target the youngeraudience. I will be targeting the 16-24year old market because this group ofpeople are more specifically interestedin chart music

2. Looking at the front page, content pageand the double page I have concluded thatthe target audience of this magazine isyoung aged people who listen to dancemusic. I can tell this by looking at thelanguage which is used. The languageused helps the reader to identify the targetaudience. 3. The target audience for this magazine can beidentified as teenagers or young people of bothgender who look up at celebrities like Tulisa whothey want to idolise. The reader would want to findout as much information as they can about thembecause they would like to know how they gotfamous. This also allows them to find out secretsabout the celebrities they like. You can tell that thismagazine is aimed towards both genders becauseon the double page spread the reader see JLSwho are a very popular boy band. The youngfemale audience would want to buy this to find outas much information about them as possible. 4. By just looking at the front cover of thismagazine it is easy to see who the intendedaudience is. By looking at the man who is ina full body shot you can see that thismagazine is aimed at someone who has longhair and has a bread, they would also wearblack and usually play a guitar because this isthe norm for the audience of Kerrang.Looking at the cover lines the audience cansee that the magazine is telling the readerabout products of this genre of music. 5. Media Music Magazine1.Which gender are you?MaleFemale 2.Which age range do you fit into?0-15 16-20 20-30 30+ 3.What is your employment status? Student UnemployedFull time EmploymentPart time Employment4.Which area of Birmingham do you live in?5.Do you buy magazines? Yes No6.How often in a month do you buy a magazine if you do so?0 1-45 or more7.Which genre do you look for when buying a magazine?Pop Rock Hip-hop Drum and bass Alternative Other 8.Have you ever attended a live event? Yes No9.Do you follow chart music? Yes No10.Do you buy CDs from stores or do you download? Store Download 11.How much do you spend on music in a month?0 1p-1 1-22more 12.Do you watch music channels? Yes No13.Would you feel more willing to buy a magazine if there is a competition inside? Yes No14.What do you tend to buy a magazine for?Celebrities Information on charts Information on live events 6. PercentagesPercentages 9.5 were aged 0-1547.6% Male 76.2 were aged 16-252.4% Female 14.3 were aged 20-30 Which gender are you 0 were aged 30+Which age range do you fit into?2015 NumberMaleFemale10 Series150 0-15 16-20 20-3030+AgeAs you can see I have asked more Out of the 21 people I asked the meanfemales than males, I have asked 11age range was 16-20, I was hoping tofemales and 10 males. This means get this age range as this is my targetthat my sample size is 21. audience. 7. PercentagesWhat is your occupational status?47.6 were students12104.8 were unemployed 8 Number9.5 were in full time employment6438.1 were in part time2 employment 0 StudentUnemployedFull timePart time employment employment Employment Status As you can see by looking at the above graph it showsjust under 50% of people that I asked were students, thisis the audience that I am targeting my magazine at,assuming this I can tell these people wont have a highincome so I should sell my magazine at a low butcompetitive price. 8. What area do you livein? Small heath 2As you can you see by lookingat the table to the left, you can Erdington1see that the people I asked to Sheldon2 fill out my questionnaire come Sutton Coldfield 1 from a range of different areas. Spark hill 1 Tyseley1 Great Barr 1 Kings Norton 1 Perry Barr 1 Shirley1 North field1 Solihull 3 Acocks Green 3 Olton1 Hall green 2 9. Percentages33.3 buy magazines66.7 do not buy magazinesDo you buy magazines? Of those wjo do buy magazine, how often to buy amagazine in a month?86How oftenYes 4No20 One to FourFive or more Number As you can tell by looking at my As you can tell my looking at the graph it shows that over 50% ofabove graph it shows that people people I asked do not buywho buy magazine only but them magazinesfrom one to four times a month 10. Percentages 38.1- Pop, 9.5-Rock, 14.3- Hip-Hop,19.0- Drum and Bass, 9.5-Alternative and 14.3 - Other Which genre do you look for when buying a magazine? 8 6 4 2 0 Pop Rock Hip-hop Drum and Alternative OtherBassLooking at this graph I can tell that most people buy magazinesbecause they feature information about pop and they will buymagazines if they feature content about pop or similar music genres 11. Percentages Percentages85.7 Have 76.2 Do follow chart music14.3 Have not 23.8 Do not follow chart musicHave you ever attended a live event? Do you follow chart music?1816No141210 8 6Yes 4 2 00510 1520 Yes NoAs you can see by looking at this As you see the group of twats that Igraph it shows that the sample groupasked mainly do listen to chart musicthat I asked do follow their interestsmeanwhile some do notand so have attended live events 12. PercentagesPercentages23.8 spend Zero85.7 Store23.8 spend between 1p and 114.3 Download38.1 spend 1.01 - 219.0 spend more than 2Do you buy CDs from stores or do you download? How much do you spend on music in a month?Download01p-11-2Store2 more 0 51015 20 As you see most people I askedAs you can see in the above table it spend between 1-2 a month butshows that most the main majoritynearly the same amount of peopleof people go to stores to buy musicspend between 1p-1 as peopleand you just have a few whowho spend nothing on music. All ondownload their music onlineporn mags 13. Percentages Percentages81.0 Do 76.2 Yes19.0 Do not 23.8 No20Do you listen to music Would you15 feel more willing to a10 buy aYes magazine if 5No there is a 0 competition inside? Yes NoAs you can see 17 out of the 21 As you can see from the above chartasked do listen to musicit shows that just over 75% of peoplechannels, this tells me that in myare more willing to buy a magazine ifmagazine I should have a page there is a competition inside, thiswhich tells my reader of all thetells me that I should include adifferent porn music channels thatcompetition inside in my magazinethey can listen to 14. What do you tend to buy a magazine for?OtherPercentages38.1 Celebrities38.1 Information on chartsInformation on live events19.0 Information on live events4.8 Other Information on charts Celebrities 02468 10As you can see by looking at the above graph it shows that people mainly buya magazine because of the featured celebrity or celebrities or because there isinformation contained about the recent chart activity.