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  • Game Content Development (Game Content Development)
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  • Diego Colombo Game Elements A scenario, for sure! Some characters Something to interact with Something to see Something to ear
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  • Diego Colombo Production Pipeline
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  • Diego Colombo 3D Modeling for a game
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  • Diego Colombo Texturing Each model can have different materials Each material can have different textures Textures can be integrate with FX code
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  • Diego Colombo Just a note about FX FX are used to achieve realistic materials Water Reflection Glowing
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  • Diego Colombo Texel, Pixel, Area, and Real world measure Placing a texture is similar to put a sticker on a surface The sticker should be as large as the surface to cover One common assumption is that a 64x64 texture is 1 m 2
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  • Diego Colombo Texture and distance We can use a mipmap to obtain lower resolution image from a given texture Using lower tex when an object is far from the camera is to reduce memory allocation in favor of near objects
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  • Diego Colombo We need a skeleton The First step to get a acting character is to give it a skeleton This way defines matrix to be applied to each vertex biased by some weight
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  • Diego Colombo Rigging a character We need to define a tweak deformation Then we need to give a character some motion curves We would like to blend curves
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  • Diego Colombo Blending Typical approach for facial animation Number of polygons must match between blending shapes
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  • Diego Colombo Beware of interaction
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  • Diego Colombo MotionBuilder snapshot
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  • Diego Colombo Characterization Pipeline
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  • Diego Colombo Scenario tweaking Scenario should be as detailed as a detail is visible The more you tune and tweak the more cpu you can use to increase effects
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  • Diego Colombo Texture and Text 32 x 128 16 x 64
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  • Diego Colombo Prelightning with image based illumination Vertex contains information about illumination Illumination is achieved through global illumination from an image
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  • Diego Colombo Geometry details and illumination We can use vertex color illumination Vertex shaders can be used to pertubate the value
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  • Diego Colombo Daylight changes
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  • Diego Colombo Shadows Shadows should be smooth Static shadow can be faked Geometry must be corrected to support good shadows
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  • Diego Colombo Tweaking
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  • Diego Colombo Almost done
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  • Diego Colombo Level Completed Prelight + shadows + texturing
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  • Diego Colombo Low poly does not mean low detail
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  • Diego Colombo A beautiful ugly game (Matrix path of Neo by Atari) To low resolution models compensated by a rich texturing But an ugly character remains an ugly character
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  • Diego Colombo A beautiful ugly game (Matrix path of Neo by Atari)
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  • Diego Colombo Always Faking when possible We can use texture to simulate geometrical details This balcony is a background component With just a quad we achieve a great outcome
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  • Diego Colombo A game goes to the market if..
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  • Diego Colombo It holds the 4 B of success Blade Bop Blood Breast
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  • Diego Colombo Did anybody say camera? A game is a visual interactive story telling technique Director makes an actor a star Director tells audience what to see, think, and feel Director is the god of camera, he is the ruler of your world
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  • Diego Colombo Finding similarities..
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  • Diego Colombo Defining a standard palette Scenes must be homogeneous in colors Textures should use a common palette Textures should not mind about lightning Color definition is a key to emotion
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  • Diego Colombo Motion blur, another lesson Games are moving towards cinema Rendering should be performed as photorealistic as possible Photorealistic is something realistic seen through a realistic camera
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  • Diego Colombo Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox)
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  • Diego Colombo Cinematic.. Games move from one level to another through short movies Graphics definition should match as much as possible
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  • Diego Colombo DevilMayCry3(PS2) & 4(PS3) Game Short Movie
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  • Diego Colombo How To A good combination of Low Poly Textures Reflection Refraction HW Acceleration Normal Map
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  • Diego Colombo Ninja Gaiden XBox Game
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  • Diego Colombo Effects and sparkles (God of War) Games arise from imagination Putting supernatural in game enforce the performance Do it when it is necessary
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  • Diego Colombo Masses and AI: Colossal Games (Spartan total warrior) Noise is noise, not duplication!
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  • Diego Colombo Just a shopping list for game makers 3D authoring tool (Maya) 3D Painting tool (3DPaint, 3DPaintUV) Character Animation tool (MotionBuilder) Image editing tool (Photoshop) Game Engine Exporters
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  • Diego Colombo Resources Discover the Game with Alias Alias|Learning Tools Maya personal training Edition Motion Builder personal training Edition


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