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  • 1. For this game i decided to have the same amount of sound as it originally had. To change the sound you double clicked on the sound you wanted to select then press the folder key and then select the sound you want to use. In this one i used the science fiction sound because i thought it was a good sound for when the bricks break because the background looked like its space and i thought the sound fitted that

2. I chose this for the bounce because it had a similar sound to the first one. I used Fantasy 6 twice in my game because although there from the same source i edited this one so there it only make one noise which i think suit the purpose of the object I used this because i think it is the best sound i made which sound like an intro bearing in mind the genre of the game In this i used the same source as bonce bnut again i edited this so i dont think they sound alike 3. I used this because it thought it sounded like a triumphant sound which make sense to use as it happen when you beat a level