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Realistic environment modeling testObjectiveModel a scene at your own will representing a futuristic abandoned military base. The building shows some signs of fighting, bullet holes, debris and also aging. Vegetation consumed a part of it and it infiltrated the cracks in the walls and asphalt. The general mood is that of a deserted place, like an ancient ruin.

Technical specifications

The scene must be made in 3d studio max 2009 or less. Send the .max files and all resources in a single folder, which can be opened directly. The scene is meant to be viewed in the viewport, not rendering. Generate a single lightmap for the whole level (2048x2048) and use the default lightmap plugin to view the scene in the viewport. Use mapping channel 1 for textures and 2 for lightmap. Alpha textures should use vertex color for light (baked or manually painted). Maximum number of textures must be below 50. They must be .psd or .tga files (for the alpha textures) of maximum 256x256 pixels You should make the textures yourself (from photographs), but if you use existing ones make sure they are perfectly adapted to the scene and they fit together in every aspect. The scene must have a high dynamic range, close to the one in the concept. It must not be too dark or too light. You should use TGA textures with alpha channel for plants, special fx like god rays, decals, etc. Polygon budget: a maximum of 15.000 triangles. The modeling should be optimal and no element must have more polygons than it needs even if the scene stays below the polygon limit. We prefer a scene with a really low poly count to one that just below the limit. Send us also 2 screenshots from the viewport, one normal and one with wireframe.

If you need to, use this image as a starting point but you are free and encouraged to model by your own style, using your own concept. However remember it must be a futuristic army facility.