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    Gamers PDF 2000 Tri Tac Games

    NOTICE This Book on CD may not be printed for Distribution or Sale in amy shape or formatwhatsoever. Permission is granted for the buyer to create a paper copy to show friends andgamers.

    TTS 9500 CD PDF

  • Some people have complained that this cartoon is Politically Incorrect and shows nocompassion for Diversity in Humanity. The publisher emphatically staes Screw them!

  • Tri Tac Games

  • There have been many who have asked that this cartoon be removed. They believe games can lead to violence anda belief in Satanic Forces. They are welcome to purchase and burn as many of these CDs as they wish. Discount rates are available.

  • 11This cartoon was also banned from several distributors who thought it was in bad taste. Disgusting Maybe... bad taste... well....

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