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Crucial App Concepts is a dedicated mobile application development company with the purpose of providing you high quality and affordable development services when you are facing deadlines as well as budgetary constraints for your iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile development projects. At Crucial App Concepts, we want to cater to every client. We adjust to your budget, to your time-frame, and your needs. We listen carefully to what our clients’ needs and we guide them towards a path of success. Visit us online:


  • 1.Crucial App Concepts Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: PORTFOLIO

2. Thinking of You Thinking of You is an application for couples. The application purpose is to allow a user to create messages and recordings on their significant others device at will and have those messages appear at random times throughout the day. It can brighten anyone's day and is due to release Late February 2014. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 3. TDP Insurance This Insurance mock-up was created for an Enterprise customer as a proof of concept. It has all the bells and whistles that they wanted plus more! Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 4. Share n Go Share 'N' Go is going to be a financial breakthrough application. It will open the doors to many possibilities in friends circles and merchants alike. Share 'N' Go is due to release around August 2014. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 5. Low Key LowkeyLinks is an application for social media mania that is life. Join Cliques, Host Events, and Sharing Photos are just a small part of the things that this application will do. Lowkey Links is due to release in Mid April 2014! Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 6. MY MORNING HUDDLE Huddle is a task management app, specially designed with the systematic approach of project management. Users can allocate tasks to colleagues and can keep a track of everything. Inbox Replace tools Respond to emails Call uniform com... Unpack new equ... Fix light in bathro... AT&T 44 My Morning Huddle AT&T Inbox Marked Today Week Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 7. Book Bridges Book Bridges is a unique application designed and developed to link students with each other for quick and easy buying and selling of books. It includes geofencing, a large database of universities, an intuitive chat system, and any more features. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 8. Epicentre Epicenter is an web application designed for the automotive mechanic field. It utilizes large databases and form input systems with time stamping to track and maintain reports on vehicles. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 9. iCreateDubStep With Dubstep Get ready to wobble wobble as you create thunderous dubstep beats and bass drops with the simple and fun to use app. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 10. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: Kingless Kingdom Kingless Kingdoms is a fantasy game jam packed with features made with the Unity 3D engine. The ultimate goal is to vary the content of the game wildly so that players can once again become immersed in the experience. Kingless Kingdoms features 5 chapters to be release free with tons of weapons, armor, items, magic, and quests. It will incorpo- rate a unique character rebuilding system so that players can experience many different classes through one play through. Mini Games will also take a large role in this adventure so be prepared to spend a bit of time on this gem. Release is set for fourth quarter 2014 for iOS and Android. 11. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: Grand Theft Chase Grand Theft Chase is an application built in Unity3D for the Android and iOS devices. This is an Endless Runner with a large focus on social media. This is due to release by early March 2014. 12. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: Sabaton: War of the Weeping Lands Eternal Knights is a 2D fantasy based strategy game that brings back the nostalgic feel- ing of a classic. This game will feature 6 individually unique kingdoms each with their own story, heroes, and creatures. Heroes, soldiers, and creatures will all have a tiered leveling system to bring in the depth of game play and replay ability. Couple that with a ton of weapons and armor sets, soldier questing, secret leveling tiers, and a slew of magic, and youve got yourself one amazing experience. Release is set for second quarter 2014 for iOS and Android. 13. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: Nacho Ninja Nacho Ninja is a comedic 2d side scroller that is based on a satirical world. Take a few min- utes out of your day to follow the adventures of Manuel as he is told that he will not be taking over the family landscaping business because of the rival gang type company. Help him show his father he is worthy of being the boss by defeating your rivals! Release is set for third quarter 2014 for iOS and Android. 14. The Adventures of Zip Meet Zip, a rabbit, a hero and a danger to all carrots. Guide your hero through 4 unique worlds and over 40 levels in a quest for rescuing his friends and bringing back peace at the forest. Journey through the darkest corners of the Forest, bravely explore the frozen Ice Lands, heroically adventure through the depths of the hidden Caves. In stores now for iOS and Android! Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 15. Shards Shard is a unique take on tower defense. A game built in Unity 3D, Shards uses the fanta- sy era, the power of the elements, and amazing graphics to entrance its users in a unique magical experience. Mow down your opponents with unbelievable magic as you work your way through the game and reveal a beautiful storyline. Release is set for third quar- ter 2014 PC and Android. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: 16. ABC Animals Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: ABC Animals is a game aiming to assist toddlers in learning. The 4 modes included are Writing the animal name, Guessing the animal by its shadow, connecting the dots of the animal shape, and spelling out the animal name by sound. This will include many sounds, shapes, bright colors, and voice acting. Release set for third quarter 2014. 17. Baby Escape Baby Escape is a side scrolling 2D adventure where a baby escapes a mall and enters into the big world! Collect candy in order to keep your sugar rush going and avoid the unruly vegetables that will lower your sugar rush! Stroll your way through endless level ad engage in random bosses where you shoot milk at a cat, Bury a Carrot, and other funny encounters! Release is set for third quarter 2014. Tel: 855-MyAppDev (692-7733) Cell: 832-451-9378 Email: