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<p>Presentazione standard di PowerPoint</p> <p>ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO G. L. RADICE SIRACUSALEARN PLAYiNG</p> <p>VEGETABLES GARDEN AT SCHOOL</p> <p>Our didactic aim has intendedto experiment,in a pratical way,how the garden vegetables are transformed from seeds into the plants</p> <p>The children, by manual work, stimulate and consolidate the use of their own senses</p> <p>Through exploration,observation and manipulationthe childrenhave been ableto recognizethe different kindsof plants</p> <p>Many small seeds we are</p> <p>Under the ground, in disguise,we lie</p> <p>Little by little, thanks to the sun, as small plants we grow</p> <p>Higher and higher,our leaves in large size spring out</p> <p>The children, hands up, playing the part of plants and dancing together, in a ring, recite rhythmically the rhymes</p> <p>Aim of didactic play: know the numbers through movement.KNOWLEDGE OF NUMBERS</p> <p>The child approaches the circle indicated by teacher;he enters the circleand jumpas many timesas the objectsinside the circle.</p> <p>Aims of the game: learn to count, to respect the environment by recyclingThe Dragon eats waste</p> <p>Each player chosen pawn and put it at the start</p> <p>The players take turns in throwing the nut and moving number of square indicates the nut</p> <p>Winner is the first to reach the destination</p> <p>If you throw the paper on the ground : go back one</p> <p>If you recycle the paper of old newspapers :ahead of one</p> <p>In the path there are boxes with penalties or bonus</p> <p>go back one</p> <p>haead one</p> <p>go back one</p> <p>haead one</p> <p>Ci vuole un fioreUnregistered version2009Other93075.555eng - http://www.pistonsoft.comnullBlues88268.555</p>