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  • #1October 28, 2008PresentsPresenter from:Speakers BureauPhotos by: Leah Eaton

  • Special thanks toLeah Eatonfor composingphotographs for this album Photography

  • Welcome!!!Jennifer McDaidClay Walnum

  • Time To BeginCarol TongAsra Sheikh

  • Contestants(In Alphabetical Order):

    Robert AndersonLiz AugustineWendy FishSandy MacLeodJennifer McDaidJean RockwoodAsra SheikhSpeakers from:Speakers BureauJudges(In Alphabetical Order):

    David BowenPatricia DonovanJo-Ann FoggChar James-TannyCheryl MagadieuMarc PaquetteHelen StaveleyJackie Tamboer Carol TongClay WalhumPictures by:Leah EatonGames To Explain Human FactorsCome, Participate, Learn and Have Fun!!!

  • MultitaskingSmile!!!Stand on left foot, eyes closed and recite the Gettysburg Address.

  • Set The Clock

  • Redesign The ClockLiz Augustine receives Awesome Ribbon for Clock redesign.

  • Two Point Discrimination ThresholdOne member of the audience touches another with one or two tacks. The second member responds one or two.

  • Sound LocalizationAsra Sheikh attempts to point to the pencils being tapped.Asra points back when sound is in front without head movement.Asra points left when sound is on left without head movement.

  • Perceived TemperatureRobert Anderson holds a quarter and a cotton ball to his face. He reports the quarter feels cooler though both are actually the same temperature.Virginia points back when Sound is in front withouthead movement.

  • Attention to DetailsJennifer McDaid studied her birthday bandana. Then she was blindfolded. Jennifer was asked to describe the bandana. She correctly described most features of the bandana. When asked if the bandana contained balloons she was uncertain, but when asked the color of the balloons she identified some balloon colors.

  • Attention to DetailsRon applied some lotion to Jennifers right hand. Jennifer correctly identified the lotion after smelling it. Ron then touched her left hand and asked what was on her left hand. She replied nothing several times. Ron then handed her a heart shaped light and asked if the hint was helpful. Jennifer replied No.LotionLotion

  • Attention to Details (continued)Jennifer then felt of her left hand where Ron touched her hand. Again she said there was nothing on her left hand.

  • Attention to Details (continued)Ron then asked Jennifer to hold out her right hand with her fingers spread apart. He is shown preparing to place a ring on Jennifers right handLotionLotion

  • Attention to Details (continued)Jennifer answered correctly.

  • Attention to Details (continued)Jennifer McDaid displaying her engagement gifts the heart shaped light which was given to her as one of her hints and two heart shaped scented soaps. LotionLotion

  • First Half Ribbon WinnersFirst Half Awesome Ribbon Winners Liz Augustine and Jennifer McDaid along with Presenter Ron Shapiro.LotionLotion

  • Object LocalizationIm looking for a prize. Everyone but me knows what it is!!!Jean Rockwood

  • Object Localization (continued)Its right infront of you,Jean!!!

  • Object Localization (continued)

  • Paired Associate LearningAudience members were instructed to raise their hands whenever Ron said UP. Ron tapped the wall immediately before saying Up. After a few trials audience members began raising hands when Ron tapped the wallbefore he said Up.

  • Perceptual AdaptationKristy Astry (blindfolded) does not know that Terry Farley is wearing inversion prisms. She does not know what the sign says, either.Jennifer McDaid blindfolds Sandy MacLeod in preparation for the Pin (Perceptually Inverted Navigator) activity.

  • Perceptual AdaptationSandy MacLeod (blindfolded) does not know that Jennifer McDaid is wearing inversion prisms. She does not know what the sign says, either.

  • While wearing inversion prisms, Jennifer is directing Sandy to place the National Ergonomics Month (NEM) sticker on top of the oval. Perceptual Adaptation

  • While wearing inversion prisms, Jennifer is directing Sandy to place the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) and National Ergonomics Month (NEM) stickers on top of the circles. Perceptual Adaptation

  • Im upside down!!!Perceptual AdaptationSandy and Jennifer pointing to the Upside Down BCPE sticker

  • Wendy Fish tried to catch a dollar bill that Dr. Shapiro dropped between her index and middle fingers. Responding Takes Time

  • Wendy Fish caught the dollar bill that Dr. Shapiro dropped between her index and middle fingers in her final successful attempt.Responding Takes TimeGreat Catch!!!

  • The Semi-Finalists

  • Selecting the ChampionThe semi-finalists closed their eyes and the audience voted by applause for the Hardest Working Volunteer. Jennifer McDaid received most of the applause and was thus elected. Immediately after winning she was surprised with a blindfold being placed over her eyes.

  • The Final ExamAfter Jennifers blindfold was in place she was told that she won the election to take the final exam. For her final exam she was to name as many people as she could in the front of the room and explain what they did. She missed herself and Ron.

  • The Final ExamChampion Jennifer holding her Champion sign and posing with Dr. Ron Shapiro.

  • The Champion With Prizes

  • The Champion and SemifinalistsChampion Jennifer McDaid posing with semifinalists.

  • The Champion and SemifinalistsChampion Jennifer McDaid posing with semifinalists.Champion Jennifer McDaidLiz Augustine and Princess Beanie

  • Prizes

  • Supplies


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