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  • Garden Mums,Pot Mums, Asters

    and Fleurettes2017 Catalog

  • Born of Nature, Bettered by Breeding

  • Syngenta Flowers, Inc. is proud to introduce our 2017 Chrysanthemum

    program. As the industry leader, The Yoder brand of Chrysanthemums is

    recognized for innovation. Built upon a tradition of excellence in breeding and

    production, it continues to be regarded by growers, retailers, and consumers

    as best in class. Today, Syngenta Flowers prides itself in supporting the

    industry and its growers with a complete clean stock program, vibrant

    assortment, the best technical support, and strong grower partnerships to

    ensure our reputation continues as a consistent and trusted supplier.

    Our program is focused and built upon making North American growers

    successful. From our ever growing assortment of high performance families,

    to exciting new individual varieties, we continue to innovate and bring new

    choices to complete your programs.

    Our shaded program charts will help you build an assortment for those

    earlier ship weeks. The Fresh-All-Fall program provides you with a system

    for Natural Season production planning. By grouping our varieties by color

    palette and response time, we have simplified your program to ensure you

    can deliver staged color all season long. The strength of our families make

    us your first choice for designing exciting combination programs that can

    work throughout the season.

    Our assortment of pot mums will excite retailers and consumers. The novel

    colors and flower forms provide you with many options for weekly and

    special event programs.

    This season we are proud to introduce several new families and varieties for

    your programs. Our goal is to offer you the best varieties and solutions. We

    want to thank you for your continued support and trust in us.

    Mark SmithCROPSGarden mums. I have also had a hand in breeding other crops including Asters, Hibiscus, Lantana, Leucanthemum and various perennials.


    GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTSConsulting one on one with growers to select varieties that have become a staple of growers programs, such as Elena Gold and Beverly Bronze. Building on the family concept in mums to allow for easy mum combos throughout the fall natural season such as the Jacqueline family and Wanda family.

    PERSONAL ACTIVITIESI enjoy being in my yard, cooking and traveling with my wife of 20 years.

    Wendy BergmanCROPSYoder Pot Chrysanthemums, Madinia Dipladinia, Bandana Lantana, Sidekick Ipomoea, Bombay Scaevola, Arabesque Penstemon


    GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTSDeveloping successful flower breeding programs from the ground up. My greatest reward is seeing a shopper pick up something Ive bred and put it in their cart.

    PERSONAL ACTIVITIESFamily, quilting, gardening and the great outdoors.

    Meet Your Mum Breeders

    Table of ContentsNew Varieties ................................2

    Garden Mums ...............................6

    Garden Mum Families ..................8

    Garden Mum Combos ..................18

    Garden Mums by Color ................22

    Montauk Daisy ..............................48

    Garden Mum Technical Data ........50

    Asters ...........................................66

    Pot Mums .....................................72

    Pot Mum Families .........................74

    Pot Mum Combos ........................80

    Single Stem Varieties ....................84

    Pot Mums by Color ......................86

    Pot Mum Technical Data ..............112

    Fleurettes ......................................118

    Culture ..........................................120

    Agents and Distributors ................138

    Ordering Information ....................139

    On the front cover: PattyTM PurpleOn the inside frront cover: NikkiTM Dark PinkOn the back cover: MiltonTM Combo


    New Varieties


    New Varieties Garden Mums

    Arlette Purple Purple/Dark Pink / Dec / Sm-Med / S-MN = 36.5, Very Early / S = 37, Very Early / 6.5

    Variety 70067053

    Keeley Orange Orange/Bronze / Dec / Med / S-MN = 36.5, Very Early / S = 37.5, Early / 7

    Variety 70067047

    Ashley Red Red / Dec / Sm-Med / MN = 40.5, Mid-Late / S = 41, Mid-Late / 7

    Variety 70067019

    Nikki Dark Pink Purple/Dark Pink / Dec / Med / MN = 41, Late / S = 42, Late / 7.5

    Variety 70067025

    Beverly Orange Orange/Bronze / Dec / Med / M-LN = 38.5, Early-Mid / S = 39, Early-Mid / 6.5

    Variety 70067020

    Nikki Orange Orange/Bronze / Dec / Med / MN = 41, Late / S = 42, Late / 7.5

    Variety 70067024

    Christina Red Red / Dec / Med / MN = 39, Mid / S = 39.5, Mid / 7.5

    Variety 70056068

    Nikki Yellow Yellow/Gold / Dec / Med / MN = 41, Late / S = 42, Late / 7.5

    Variety 70067027

    Key: Color group / Flower form / Flower size / Plant vigor Northern resp. Week, Northern resp. group / Southern resp. Week, Southern resp. group / Shade resp.

    Variety number

    New variety


    New VarietiesGarden Mums

    Patty Pomegranate Red / Dec / Med / M-LN = 37.5, Early / S = 38.5, Early-Mid / 7

    Variety 70067017

    Rhonda Red Red / Dec / Sm / M-LN = 42.5, Very Late / S = 43.5, Very Late / 8.5

    Variety 70067033

    Rhonda Bronze Orange/Bronze / Dec / Sm / M-LN = 42.5, Very Late / S = 43.5, Very Late / 8.5

    Variety 70067036

    Rhonda White White / Dec / Sm / M-LN = 42.5, Very Late / S = 43.5, Very Late / 8.5

    Variety 70072189

    Rhonda Pink Pink/Lavender / Dec / Sm / M-LN = 42.5, Very Late / S = 43.5, Very Late / 8.5

    Variety 70067039

    Rhonda Yellow Yellow/Gold / Dec / Sm / M-LN = 42, Very Late / S = 43, Very Late / 8.5

    Variety 70072192

    Rhonda Purple Purple/Dark Pink / Dec / Sm / M-LN = 42.5, Very Late / S = 43.5, Very Late / 8.5

    Variety 70067038

    Yvette Orange Bicolor Orange/Bronze / Dec / Sm / MN = 40, Mid-Late / S = 41, Mid-Late / 7

    Variety 70066392

    Key: Color group / Flower form / Flower size / Plant vigor Northern resp. Week, Northern resp. group / Southern resp. Week, Southern resp. group / Shade resp.

    Variety number


    New Varieties Pot Mums

    Chowchilla Yellow Yellow / Dsy / Med / 8 / S

    Variety 70065613

    Estes Park Purple Bicolor Purple / Dsy Bicolor / Med / 8 / M

    Variety 70065637

    Springdale Purple Purple / Dsy / Med-Lg / 7.5 / M

    Variety 70065612

    Clearview White White / Dsy / Med / 7.5 / M

    Variety 70065632

    LaBelle Dark Pink Bicolor Pink / Dsy Bicolor / Med / 7.5 / S

    Variety 70065620

    Key: Color group / Flower form / Flower size / Resp. week / Plant vigor

    Variety number

    New variety


    Garden Mums


    Garden Mums

    Garden MumsYoder Garden Mums from Syngenta Flowers have a long history of

    outstanding performance for growers, retailers, and consumers. Whether

    grown as stand-alone varieties or in combination baskets and planters,

    growers can be confident Yoder Garden Mums will deliver a consistently

    beautiful crop.

    Yoder Garden Mums can be grown using natural season or blackcloth

    production methods, which makes them a good fit with other seasonal

    crops grown in a protected environment or outdoors.

    Yoder Garden Mums give growers the ability to stage color throughout the

    selling season. With proven varieties to choose from, growers are able to

    group their production by color and response time.

    Growers can build their core natural-season program with Yoder Select

    Garden Mum varieties. With our Fresh-All-Fall table, growers can be sure

    they will be able to offer retailers and consumers a wide assortment of

    colors, flower forms and sizes sure to satisfy the most discerning buyer.

    All varieties have been trialed across North America so growers, retailers,

    and consumers can be confident Yoder Garden Mums will perform to the

    highest expectations wherever they are produced and displayed.

    Starting with clean vegetative cuttings, Yoder Garden Mum varieties

    make it easy to produce consistent crops year round. Breeding of Yoder

    Garden Mums is focused on the development of key families that are well

    matched for flower timing, plant form and final size.


    Yoder Garden Mum families are the starting point for a successful

    mum program.

    Families are bred in order for growers to produce a range of colors

    under a similar cultural program. Families are well matched for habit,

    vigor, and uniform timing across all colors. Several of our families

    will work for both Natural Season and Blackcloth production. When

    selecting for combinations recipes, the families are an ideal choice

    because all varieties within a family time and grow well together in

    mixed pots.

    Garden Mum Families


    Jacqueline Family

    Early natural season family with great plant flexibility for a wide range of container sizes

    Can be used in both blackcloth and natural season programs, and coastal California

    Perfectly round plant habit for a great show of color

    Great choice for combination programs

    Jacqueline Yellow Yellow/Gold / Dec / Sm-Med / MN = 37, Early / S = 38, Early / 6.5

    Variety 70038574

    Jacqueline Orange Fusion Orange/Bronze / Dec / Sm-Med / MN = 37.5, Early / S = 38, Early / 6.