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  • Gathering Ideas

    Read Stop, Look and Listen Handout

  • Jot down lots of random ideas for stories. Think of news storiesThink of jokes! They tell a story (horse walks into a bar, barman says, Why the long face?)Think of paintings (Girl With a Pearl Earring)

  • To continue with our situations from last week, write down some situations a person can be found in, e.g. from last week: a person slumped over the wheel of a car in a ditch and on the passenger floor is a bag, lots of money, and a gun.

  • StructureStories must have a structure. Structure means the order in which you place your events. Structure shapes the raw material. It provides a pattern with gives meaning to the story.The 3-Act structure can help you structure these ideas.

  • Structure is something you can borrow using another writers story as a template for your own. For instance, can use structures adopted by Tim Winton or Guy de Maupassant, while still developing your own distinctive voice. The structures you borrow will soon become your own. Consider using the structure used in The Necklace.

  • Things to observeRef: The Creative Writing Handbook, p.54Observe everything. Look around you, notice whats happening the woman running across the road, looking distressed, why? The angry old man sitting on a bench ranting about war, why? Observations can create scenarios, which in turn create stories.

  • Another ideaSit at a computer, randomly search the internet book printing, life in the 17th century, diseases. Now how can you weave all that into a story? The plague is happening in London, civil war, famine people are starving, a printer wants to inform the people, the government are trying to track down whos printing stuff against them. The printers wife falls ill when her husbands arrested

  • What are you really interested in?