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  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    GEAS Solving

    QUESTION:The force of 600 N is the resultant of the forces F1and 240 N acting as shown in the

    gure. Which of the following gives the value of F 1.


    a. 698.9223 N, 56.310

    wit !"#$"%t to t" o!i&ontal. 6!".!22# N$ ##.6!0with res%ect to the hori&ontalc. 6!".!22# N$ '6.#10with res%ect to the verticald. 6!".!22# N along the hori&ontal

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    F178 240-'91# 600 -49'$ F17 #";.6!2# NF1

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    QUESTION:The coecient of friction etween the ro%e and Ded %ost is 0.#0. The ro%e iswra%%ed onlE once around the %ost. Which of the following gives the AiniAuAtension in the ro%e at %t @ @

    #00 N

    Choices:a. 1024.;6"1 N . ;!#6.1!'! N %. 138.683 N d. 6!.#4#; N

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    #009T e0.4$ T 1#".6";# N

    QUESTION:The resultant of the concurrent forces has a Aagnitude of 1200 N and acts throughthe origin and %oints D #A$ E 4A$ & 'A. Which of the following gives the DcoA%onent of the resultant force

    Choices:a. 6;"."1!4 N . "4".'24# N c. 240 N ). 509.11-6 N

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5d2 #28 423'2$ d ;.0;11 AFD 1200-#9;.0;11 '0!.1146 N

    QUESTION:FroA the s%eed of 100 G%h$ a car decelerates at the rate of 1' A9Ain9sec along astraight road. Which of the following gives the distance travelled at the end of 40sec.


    a. #"00 A '. 911.112 * c. !1.111 A d. 4''.'6 A

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N50 100G%h D 1000 9#600 2;.;;;" A9sa 31'960 A%s2 30.2' A%s2

    s 2;.;;;"-40 8 0.'-30.2'-402 !11.112 A

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    QUESTION:The velocitE of a %article Aoving along the D aDis is dened E v D48 2D#= #D2

    where v is in A9s and D is in A. Which of the following gives the velocitE when D 2A.

    Choices:a. 20 *# . 44 A9s c. 40 A9s d. 22 A9s

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5v 248 2-2#= #-22 20 A9s

    QUESTION:The locG shown reaches a velocitE of 10 A9s in 2' A starting froA rest. Which ofthe following gives the coecient of Ginetic friction etween the locG and the


    600 N o 0 1 10 A9s

    2"0 N

    2' A


    a. 0.6; . 0.6; N c. 0.2626 N ). 0.2626

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5102 2a-2'$ a 2 A9s2

    BFD AaD$ 2"0 = H600 -6009!."2$ 0.2626

    QUESTION:The norAal acceleration of a %article on the riA of a %ulleE 10 ft in diaAeter isconstant at 1200 f%s2. Which of the following gives the s%eed of the %ulleE in r%A


    a. ;;.4'!; . 1'.4!1! %. 1-.931 d. ;#.!6"6

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5an v29r$ 1200 v29'$ v ;;.4'!; f%sv rI$ ;;.4'!; 'I$ I 1'.4!1! rad9secJ6092 14;.!#;1 r%A

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    QUESTION:@ #'0 N locG is resting on a %lane inclined at #00with the hori&ontal is suKected toa constant force of 400 N acting %arallel to the inclined %lane. @fter the locG hasAoved # A froA rest$ the 400 N force was reAoved. Coecient of friction is 0.2.Which of the following gives the distance that the locG will Aove further along theinclined %lane until it sto%.

    #'0 N 400 N


    Choices:a.2.1-* . #A c. '.;14A d. '.42"A

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5W eLuation: BFs 0.'A-v2= v02400-# 30.2-#'0cos #0-#8D3-#'0sin #0-#8D 0.' -#'09!."-0307 2.;14 A

    QUESTION:The force sEsteA consist of a clocGwise cou%le of 600 N3A %lus a #00 N forcedirected to the right through the origin of D M E aDes at >D #00.

    #00 N 600 N3A

    ,f the sEsteA is re%laced E an eLuivalent single force$ which of the following is its Dand E interce%t.

    Choices:a. 4 A right and 2.#0!4 aove the origin. 4 A left and 2.#0!4 aove the origin%. - * l"+t an) 2.309- '"low t" o!igin

    d. 4 A right and 2.#0!4 elow the origin

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5sin #0 29D$ D 4A left of origintan #0 E9D$ E 2.#0!4A aove the origin



  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    Q/"#tion:The coAined Aass of car and %assengers travelling at ;2 GA9hr is 1'00Gg. Find theGinetic energE of this coAined Aass.

    a.300 .##0G c.#0'G d.#10G

    ()*+T,)N -,F /)*3()*,N5

    ?Av2 -1'00Gg-;2GA9hr2 -1000A9GA2

    2G -2-1Gg3A9N3sec2-#000 sec9hr2

    #00$000 or #00 G

    Q/"#tion:@ Aass of 'Gg is 100A aove a given datuA where local g!.;' A9sec2. Find thegravitational force in newtonOs and the %otential energE of the Aass w9 res%ect tothe datuA.

    a.4!.2' N$4!2' .'2.0' N$'20' %.-8.5 N,-85 d.4;."' N$4;"'

    ()*+T,)N -,F /)*3()*,N5

    Ag & -'Gg-!.;'A9sec2-100A 4";' G -1Gg3A9N3sec2

    Fg Ag '-!.;' 4".;' N G 1

    Q/"#tion:@ %ressure gage register '0 %sig in a region where the aroAeter is 14.2' %sia. Findthe asolute %ressure in a.

    a.4'# Ga .4#4 Ga c.4#' Ga ).--3a

    ()*+T,)N -,F /)*3()*,N5

    atA 8 g 14.2' 8 '0 64.2' %sia

    -64.2'%sia-6"!4."a9%si 44# Ga

    Q/"#tion:Puring an isentro%ic %rocess of 1.#6 Gg9sec of air$ the teA%erature increases froA4.44Q C to 11'.6QC. if C%1.0062GNA for a non3Row %rocess$ what is SU GgV?

    a.1'2.2 Gg9s .1'2.2 9s %.152.2 # d.1'2.2tu9s

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    ()*+T,)N -,F /)*3()*,N5

    S AC%ST 1.#6Gg9s-1.0062GNA9GgV?-#"".;'32;;.'!? 1'2. G9s


    @ laoratorE eD%eriAent was %erforAed to deterAine the %ercent E Aass of waterin a hEdrate. The acce%ted value is #6.0 water whose oserved value has an errorof '.00. Find the %ercent E Aass of water.

    a. #1.0 water. #6.0 water%. 3.8 wat"!d. 41.0 water

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    #6 J 1.0' #;."


    What %ressure Aust e a%%lied to 22'A* of gas at 1atA to reduce its voluAe to100A*U

    a. 0.44atA'. 2.25at*c. 22'00atAd. 1;10atA

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5



    ow AanE Aoles of are %resent in 44."* of at (TU

    a. 1.2Aoles. 1.4Aoles%. 2.0*ol"#

    d. 2."Aoles

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    @t (T$ 1 Aole will occu%E 22.4*

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    QUESTION:1. (u%%ose that energE Q is reLuired to accelerate a car froA rest to v$

    neglecting friction. ow Auch added energE would e reLuired to increase

    the s%eed froA v to 2vU

    a. X .2X %. 3Q d.4X

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5+sing the energE eLuation W?2= ?1X 0.'Av2= 0 3condition 1W 0.'A-2v2= 0.'Av23condition 2W2Av2= 0.'Av2 #-0.'Av2 3Q (c)

    QUESTION:(u%%ose Eou want to store 1.00 of electric %otential energE in a voluAe of 1.00 A#

    in vacuuA. What is the Aagnitude of the reLuired electric eldU

    Choices:a. 0.-5 4* . 0.##69A c. 0.22'T9A d. 0.11#T9A

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    u=1.00J/1.00m3= 1.00J/m3

    E=0.475 MV/m (a)

    QUESTION:aterial ais a water and Aaterial bis a glass with indeD of refraction 1.'2. ,f theincident raE AaGes an angle of 60owith the norAal$ nd the direction of thereRected raE.Choices:

    a. 4!.#o . !1.#o %. 60o d. #4.;o

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    @ccording to law of reRection$ $ hence if then (c)

    QUESTION:The wavelength of the red light froA a heliuA3neon sensor is 6## nA in air ut 4;4nA in the aLueous huAor inside our eEealls. Calculate the s%eed of light in thissustance.Choices:

    a. 2.25 108 *# . #.2' D 10" A9s c. #.00 D 10" A9s d. 1.2' D 10" A9s

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5Calculating the indeD of refraction$ we have:

    For the velocitE of light in this indeD we have:


    QUESTION:@ s%aceshi% Aoving awaE froA arth with s%eed of 0.!00cres a root s%ace %roein the saAe direction as its Aotion$ with s%eed of 0.;00crelative to the s%aceshi%.What is the %roeOs velocitE relative to the arthUChoices:

    a. 0.!00c . 0.#4'c c. 0.;00c ). 0.982c

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    +sing the eLuation of *orent& velocitE transforAation$ we have:


    QUESTION:,teAs %urchased froA a vendor cost h% 20 each$ and the forecast for neDt EearOsdeAand is 1$000 units. ,f it costs h% ' everE tiAe an order is %laced for Aore units

    and the storage cost is h% 4 %er unit %er Eear$ what LuantitE should e order eachtiAeU

    a. 20 . #0 c. 40 ). 50

    ()*+T,)N - ,F /)* 3()*,N5

    X -2P(9 --2-1000-'94 '0 units

    WhereP PeAand

    ( )rdering cost (torage cost9holding cost

    QUESTION:Two %roducts$ 7 and

  • 7/25/2019 GEAS Solving- Compiled


    Aachine , and one hour on Aachine ,,. ach unit of %roduct 7 Eields h 10 %rotand each units of < Eields h ' %rot. What is the *inear rograAAing odel forthis %roleA.

    a. aD rot h '7 8 h '