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Folio Show, Chicago Sept. 23 2008


  • 1. Geek Marketing Folio 2008 David Churbuck, VP Global Web Marketing, Lenovo| 09.23.08

2. What is a Geek Marketer?

  • Steve Rubel, Edelman:
  • Cross-trained specialists fluent in marketing and tech and bridge them. Marketers by trade, yet they also have a hard-core interest in technology and social anthropology.
  • they are constantly studying how digital advances are changing our culture and media. Armed with these insights, they regularly apply them in a marketing context by working closely with brand teams to codify new best practices.
  • Geek Marketers create competitive advantage through rapid-fire testing and learning.
  • shepherding the development, testing and measurement of all kinds of groundbreaking marketing programs. Their pilots span from the simple, such as building RSS feeds, to the complex, creating multifaceted community programs.

3. 4.

  • 499 on the Fortune Global 500
  • $17 billion in revenue in Fiscal 08
  • 19,000 employees
  • No HQ
  • Chinese Chairman: American CEO: Indian CMO

5. The end of an era .. Clay Felker Jim Michaels Bill Ziff 6. Magazines The Perfect Market? (circa 1988)

  • A common space defined by editorial where buyers (readers) and sellers (advertisers) were brokered by the publisher
  • Marketing services
    • List rentals
    • Bingo card lead generation
    • Custom publishing
  • Metrics that drove the business
    • Rate base
    • Newstand
    • Survey results
    • Syndicated research
    • Pass-along? Please!
  • Interactivity
    • Letters to the editor and little else

7. Everyone is Media (circa 2006)

  • Open source tools lower the barriers to entry
  • Corporate journalism shifts the story telling to the story owner
  • Era of abundance means readers are a click away from next
  • Fracture of mass into the long tail riches in the niches
  • No more click and consume, nowclick, consume, contribute
    • UGC
    • Commentary
    • Look at me generation

8. The new bosses in 2008 Harry McCracken Dan Lyons Om Malik 9. Geek Marketing

  • The most accountable tactic in the marketing portfolio
  • Based on a foundation of:
    • Digital enablement
      • Self-developed programs
      • Fractured agency model
      • Less willing to abdicate customer contact to publisher or agency
      • Execution focused vs. planning and buying
    • Metrics and analytics
      • Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted, counts Einstein
  • Focused on the dichotomy between demand and brand
  • Perpetual beta

10. Online dominates the Lenovo spend 60-40 11. The Digital Marketing Dollar

  • Search 45%+
  • PC Verticals 25%
  • Display ads 20%
  • Affiliates 5%
  • CSE 5%

12. Demand Gen

    • E-commerce driven
    • Behavioral targeting is a wish
    • Tight Expense-to-Revenue model
    • Client-side metrics trump the publishers every time
    • Comscore? Nielsen?

13. Social Media Marketing

  • Brand defined by Word of Mouth
  • Reputation monitoring and management
  • Conversational marketing

14. Where is digital marketing headed?

  • Impression based, CPM driven models are tired.
  • CPC, success event models are driving DG
  • Online brand is moving from share of voice to social
  • Time to move beyond lead gen, landing page, microsite based programs
  • Something closer to custom publishing integrated with an easily redeployed social media technology
  • Lead Gen through connections, not gates

15. Voices of the Summer Olympics 16. Metrics Online Activity Measurement Target (Sept 08) Actuals(R,Y,G status) Voices of the Olympic Games

  • # of total visitors on

AG: 600K 1M EMEA: 270K 460K AP: 130K 142K # of bloggers onsummergames. AG: 55 52 EMEA: 30 37 AP: 15 12 # of countries teams onsummergames. AG: 7 7 EMEA: 11 12 AP: 5 5 External site program impressions 5M 10M # of sports represented onsummergames. 31 31 Facebook # of Application downloads 200K 250K Mobile # of Application downloads 25K 60K 17. Voices the reviews

      • there is one company that stands out for figuring out how to leverage athletes for the better of its brand. I am talking about Lenovo
      • Their blog posts are revealing,touching and sometimes humorousLenovos athlete bloggers allow us to partake in the common Olympians experience.

Here is An excellent example of marketing 2.0need to be paying attention to.

      • you quickly start to find yourself enamored with relatively obscure athletes who are training and competing relentlessly
      • AS NBC and other media outlets parachute into the Olympic village expect to see the human side of the games from the Lenovo-backed bloggers reporting from the other hot zone.
      • What sets Lenovos program apart is its wholesale willingness to support athletes by providing them with the tools they needed.

18. 19. 20.

  • A viral tool to let Facebook users cheer their countrys teams
  • Exceeded download target of 200k by 25%
  • High User Engagement
    • # of return visitors (398K)
    • Approx. 1.8M pageviews
    • Avg. time spent: 0:02:58
  • Participation metrics
    • Invites (1.6M)
    • Cheers (167K)
    • Bumps (12K)
  • The FB application successfully pulled in news & information (by country, sport, athlete) that followed the arc of the Olympic games
  • Focus on the Lenovo Athlete Bloggers and their stories engaged consumers, drove return visits and united the programs
  • 120 countries participated

Facebook Target Metrics Goal Results Lenovo app download # on Facebook200K 250K 21.

    • Mobile
  • Cell Phone application allows users to connect to the Voices of the Olympic Games Program
  • Exceeded download target by 140%
  • iPhone downloads far outpaced the other platforms (58,780 total downloads)
  • First mover advantage; Lenovo was the first advertiser to leverage the Zumobi dynamic application for a major event
  • Rapid modifications made in response to John Patrick, IBM, feedback

Target Metrics Goal Results Lenovo Zumobi app download 25K 60K 22.

    • Olympic Media
  • 100% SOV on Y! HP across five markets:
    • US, UK, FR, DE, ES
    • Italy Y! HP ran on 8/22
    • SI, ESPN, Google Display, GoogleTV
  • Floating flash in the US; SUMO video in EMEA
  • Over 220MM impressions delivered WW
    • US:
      • 168.5MM impressions,
      • .13% CTR,
    • EMEA:
      • 51.7MM impressions,
      • .27% CTR,

23. Lenovo versus the competition Radiant6 Tool tracks the Volume of conversations (Brand + Olympics) found within Mainstream news articles, Blogs, Forums, Twitters 24. Olympic impact to Shop traffic went up 75%.Search for Lenovo increased by 40% 25. 26. Unsolicited advice

    • Perpetual Beta
    • Develop a custom digital publishing unit based on
      • Open or hosted tool sets
      • Flickr, Picasa,, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut
    • Integrate events with online programs
    • Initiate meetups, mashups
    • D