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A lot of theories about motivation refer to that people want to feel like they accomplish something. Goal is a perfect way for having people to aiming and keep focused on something. This is a three step guide on how to work with goals.


  • 1. GOALS TO MOTIVATE YOU- ALL THE WAY@annaoscarsson #ggmo

2. ABOUT ANNA@annaoscarsson #ggmo 3. VISUALIZE YOUR GOALHOW WE DO IT?@annaoscarsson #ggmo 4. START OFFSETTING GOALS AND CREATE OWNERSHIPS pecificM easurableA ttainableR elevantT ime bound@annaoscarsson #ggmo 5. ALONG THE WAYFOLLOW UP ON YOUR GOALS. WHATS HAPPENING?@annaoscarsson #ggmo 6. COMPLETE YOUR JOURNEYLEARN FROM YOUR JOURNEY. HOW DID IT GO?@annaoscarsson #ggmo 7. SUM UP# SMART GOALS & OWNERSHIP# CHECK UP ON YOUR GOALS# LEARN FROM YOUR JOURNEY@annaoscarsson #ggmo 8. WHAT DID YOU LEARN?@annaoscarsson #ggmo 9. THANKS! #ggmo