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    My name is Ali Ammoun. My story is your story. What has happened to me can happen to you.m just like you. Or, I used to be. I used to be a successful businessman and the proud father ofchildren. No I am locked a ay for !" years for a crime I ne#er committed.

    I ha#e lost e#erythin$. My business, my children, and my ife %ulie. Only my stron$ Muslimaith has kept me $oin$ throu$h some #ery dark times.

    What has happened to me can happen to you. My story

    your story.

    On ! %anuary (() I as arrested at the residence of my e* mother+in+la , amela -epic andchar$ed ith Attempted Murder. his as in erth, Western Australia.

    olice alle$ed I ent to the residence of my former i#es mother and brutally bashed her and

    then attempted to murder my former ife. It as alle$ed I took a hammer and a knife.+ the jurysubse/uently found me not $uilty of the char$e of these eapons. he lead up to the trial and thetrial itself as hi$h comedy and a farce. I emptied 0!1(,(((.(( into my defence. It ould ha#e

    been iser to $i#e it to a homeless man on the street.

    In the comin$ eeks and months I ill detail my case. I ill post e*cerpts from my book. 2ouill not belie#e ho the defense counsel, prosecution and the jud$es can conspire a$ainst you.

    &urther you ill see ho the police lie and ho e#idence is fabricated. Why3

    What has happened to me can happen to you.

    My e*+ ife constantly accused me of infidelity. 4he as e*tremely la5y. he house as aconstant pi$ sty. he children ere sufferin$. No matter ho I be$$ed for her to seek help, sheal ays had an e*cuse. 4e#eral times I left, unable to stand he* embarrassin$ tirades any more.4he e#en follo ed me to the Middle 6ast ai*d 6urope be$$in$ me to return. I al ays did,fearin$ for my children. A fear she oul d constantly use a$ainst me. 4he as a master ofmanipulation.

    After the confrontation at her mothers house, e all stood at the front of the house. 7oth my e*+ife and myself had tumbled do n a fli$ht of stairs after she attacked me ith a knife. 4he had

    slashes to her face and minor puncture ounds as a result. I had a stab ound to my hand hen! fended off her lun$in$ at me. I called an ambulance and my e*+ ife be heard tellin$ me calmlyto tell them there has been a 8mu*rder8 so the ambulance ould come /uickly. he tape asne#er played in court, on y a ritten transcript as used in e#idence sayin$ ... 8there's been amurder8. I as then hit on the head by a hammer by my e* Mother+In+ a . My e*+ ife e#enasked me to di#orce my ne ife %ulie, and re+marry her. hich .: ;<

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    Australia claims to be a multi cultural democracy but it is not. he 7ritish in#aded Australia and stolefrom the Nati#e Australians. hen they filled it ith desperate people from 6n$land ho stole breadsur#i#e and ere transported here. =o a modem nation starts is a $ood indicator of its nature.

    f someone had told me ho Australia really as. I ould ha#e ne#er come here.

  • 8/12/2019 General Statement Ali 2


    hey claim to ha#e 8justice8 but really there is only a 8system8. here is NO 8justice8. I -NOW this,I am in it. 6#ery day I speak ith people ho ha#e been burnt by the 8system8 **7

    My o n la yer > aurie e#y? continually insisted I should plead $uilty. =e read from a4tatement of Material facts hich as put simply 8total rubbish8 and I told him so. =einsisted I had taken a hammer and a knife ith me. =e fou$ht me e#ery inch of the ayon a multitude of issues. I as subse/uently found not $uilty on the eapon char$e, that

    bein$ the hammer and the knife. I should ha#e immediately dismissed aurie e#y inhindsi$ht.

    aurie e#y e*plained to me that he ould not apply for bail for me as I had no chance

    of it bein$ $ranted. I insisted that he apply, but he continually refused. 6#en the jud$easked if 8@o you ha#e a bail application for your client38 4ubse/uently, t o people inWestern Australia ha#e obtained bail in the 4upreme ourt on Wilful Murder char$es to

    prepare their cases, more serious cases than mine.

    =e didn't e#en appear for the second day of my trial. olin o#itt B as #ery upset.

    On the day of the #erdict he left the courtroom before the #erdict as read to attend as immin$ competition.

    &urther, on the day of sentencin$ I appeared by myself.

    aurie e#y and olin o#itt B refused to put me and my ife %ulie on the stand afterrepeated re/uests and I did not si$n any ai#er ai#in$ my ri$ht to take the stand.

    =ere is a simple e*ample of the multitude of conflictin$ and ridiculous itnessstatements as taken from the court transcript. =ere olin o#itt B is /uestionin$ thetrial jud$e, %ustice 7la*ell, re$ardin$ a poor and unbalanced summarisin$ of thee#idenceC

    ODI C No, but there is certainly conflictin$ e#idence. he toilet

    scenario for e*ampleC she's in the toiletE she's stabbedC she's hit ith a hammero#er and o#er a$ain and there's not a speck of blood on her. hat's a pretty bi$

    point your =onour, and your =onour didn't $i#e it an iota of attention in your=onour's summary of both the e#idence and + you didn't purport to summari5ethe defence case e*cept to tell the jury that they heard the final address recently.

    No attempt as then made by the jud$e to amend this.FFFFFFFFFFF

    he abo#e is but one of many $larin$ point on ho bad the trial as. 2ou mustunderstand that both anya and her mother are dri#en by re#en$e and a t isted

    personality disorder. hey must in at all costs. &or anya, she must hurt me because Iill not put up ith her $ames. 4he kno s I only stayed around for the children. 4he

    e#en demanded ! di#orce %ulie and come back to her hile e aited for theambulance.

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  • 8/12/2019 General Statement Ali 2


  • 8/12/2019 General Statement Ali 2


    heir o n problems and Jrd World le$al 4ystem before lecturin$ others.

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    Khile I as in jail, a jud$e in the &amily ourt insisted that I ould not decide if I Ee my children,he children ould decide. I ha#e 9 children, J are under 1 years of

    t and the youn$est as only ! hen I came to prison. What this jud$e said as not y out of line butoutside the la . 7ut as I am findin$ out, In Western Australia, thin$ $oes. hey do as they please.

  • 8/12/2019 General Statement Ali 2


  • 8/12/2019 General Statement Ali 2


    ne terrible thin$s ha#e happened to me in the jail system.


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