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Generate Leads from Inbound MarketingRight Content, Right Person, Right Time11

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2Why Inbound? Buyers now in controlcustomers buying processes have evolved.Thomas StewartEditor, Harvard Business Review

3Inbound vs OutboundInbound marketing is 3-5 times better than progressive event-based marketing efforts

A skilfully executed inbound marketing strategy is 10 times more effective at conversion than traditional outbound methods.

Source: Gartner4

5The Inbound Nurturing MantraRight People

Right Content

Right Time

6The Buyers JourneySuspectEnquiryMQLSQLInterestLearnEvaluateJustifyIntegrated Sales & Marketing FunnelCustomer Buying Experience

Corp Web Site

Social Sites

Outbound Email

3rd party Websites


7Buyers Journey based Nurture CampaignsEducation CampaignPurposeGet them ready to talk to Sales

Sample MessagesEngage to further profile prospectEducate about value prop

Why Us CampaignPurposeJuxtapose your solution to their need

Sample MessagesDifferentiate your brand from competitorsReiterate value propInclude relevant case studies, testimonialsUrgency CampaignPurposeRemove roadblocks, speed purchase decisionSample MessagesProvide decision tools

New Customer OnboardingPurposeWelcome new customers

Sample MessagesThank themIdentify next steps

Customer Loyalty/RetentionPurposeRetain and develop

Sample MessagesReiterate purchase/ relationship benefitSeek feedbackTips/tricks to get most of product

PurposeWelcome new subscribers/ contacts to DB Sample MessagesIntroduce brand/reiterate benefitsIdentify next stepsOpt in to something elseRe-park interestWelcome or Re-Engage CampaignInterestLearnEvaluateJustifyPurchase.

8Four Key StepsRight TimeTrack buyers behaviourInterpret where they are in their journeyRight PeopleCategorise their role in the buying processCreate buying personasRight ContentCategorise contentMap content to buying stage, persona and other attributes (e.g. Industry) that allows you to deliver more relevant/personalised content / messaging NurtureEngage in an ongoing learning dialog Deliver timed relevant content, monitor behaviour, look for opportunities to acccelerate to next stage, allow prospects to move at own pace and gather further profile information as you go9

10McAfee 321 CampaignDiscover McAfee1111Campaign StructureAsset5Asset2Asset1Asset4Asset3Drip CampaignPillar CampaignsDeviceEarlyMiddleLateInformationEarlyMiddleLateInfrastructureEarlyMiddleLate


PillarHomeBuyerStage12Pillar Workflow

EarlyMiddleLate13Early Stage Auto-Responder

AcknowledgeNext Stage AssetNext Assetsame Stage14

Primary callTo actionSecondary assetsin carousel15

Early stage form16

Middle stage form17

Late stage form18

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