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Page 1: GEOcaching - Crete

Crete* –


* Greek Island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Page 2: GEOcaching - Crete

1 Stuttgart ; Airport TB Hotel; GC11PTV; N 48°41.380 E 009°11.205

Caching-Tours in foreign countries

begins at the Airport1

With Geocaching you can shorten the waiting time.

Page 3: GEOcaching - Crete

2 Messe Nr.1 – von hinten; GC18N59; N 48°41.527 E 009°11.153

If you have very much waiting time, you can

log in even two caches².

Page 4: GEOcaching - Crete

3 On Crete it goes on.

Hours3 later on the way to the first cache

Page 5: GEOcaching - Crete

4 Agios Georgios – Hersonissos; GC1RVKP; N 35°20.252 E 025°23.182

... at the small church of Agios Georgios in Hersonissos4

Page 6: GEOcaching - Crete

5 In Crete, blue chairs are not uncommon.

On the path to the second Cache invited these blue chairs5 to relax

Page 7: GEOcaching - Crete

And then this cache6 had been


6 Romantica Beach; GC15MJC; N 35°295 E 025°24.900

Page 8: GEOcaching - Crete

The third Cache 7 was nothing, but three in one day would be too much. 8

7 Stalida; Malia Bay; GC1DKH2; N 35°17.530 E 025°25.7008 Except reading glasses and lots of stones was really not found there.

Page 9: GEOcaching - Crete

and a scrap


9 Pararge aegeria (L)

There was this beautiful butterfly9

Page 10: GEOcaching - Crete

On the way to the fourth Cache I

passed this famous10


10 I don't know for what, but maybe for the warm water, but that probably on the black hose that was lying in the sun.

Page 11: GEOcaching - Crete

In the fourth Cache was also the way the target11

11 The way is always the goal, but no matter.

Page 12: GEOcaching - Crete

But the aim12 was not sooo bad13

12 Perivolakia gorge; GC22X8R; N 35°01.535 E 026°03.02013 There aren't bad caches.

Page 13: GEOcaching - Crete

In this boulder field14 was unfortunately not found15

14 Xerókambos on the east coast (and not in the southwest as described above); Amblos-Fantasies; GC1V85M; N 35°02.453 E 026°13.91715 except of course a lot of debris

Page 14: GEOcaching - Crete

On the way to the west, we passed this remarkable16 place

16 There was an excellent stone-oven pizza

Page 15: GEOcaching - Crete

In passing17, I have logged the first Cretan Multi 18

17 Mirtos on the south coast, Bennies MultimicroMirtos; GC163WZ; N 35° 00.208 E 025° 34.86718 at least the owner claims this

Page 16: GEOcaching - Crete

Our next destination was the petrified, crying lion19.

19 The lion is sad because he has missed the jump to Africa in the Continental division.

Page 17: GEOcaching - Crete

Here again, the way20 was the goal

20 Way? There was no way!

Page 18: GEOcaching - Crete

And the cache21 was then even better!22

21 Steinmännle Kreta-Dytiko (Cairn Crete-Dytiko); GC1GEER; N 34° 55.611 E 024° 55.19822 Actually, that was the best cache (until then)!

Page 19: GEOcaching - Crete

And the view23 was not bad either!

23 to Lendas and in the other direction

Page 20: GEOcaching - Crete

On the way back we went past yet this cache24

24 GC1GKJY; Relax in Dytikos; N 34° 55.780 E 024° 54.896As you see, was this cache in a German restaurant

Page 21: GEOcaching - Crete

The cache was very easy, the Internet offered rather weak25, however I was compensated by this beautiful butterfly.26

25 Unfortunately it had no printer.26 This is the extinct in Germany swallowtail

Page 22: GEOcaching - Crete

On the way to the next cache, there was interesting things27 to


27 First, an old German army vehicle andsecond, an even more ancient Cretan icon box

Page 23: GEOcaching - Crete

This cache28 is next to the military cemetery29 of Maleme

28 ANZAC 107; GC1VBWN; N 35°30.890 E 023°53.29529 It would be better if you had never used these

Page 24: GEOcaching - Crete

This cache we had to unfortunately cancel before the finish30, but the view was great

30 Souvenir; GCG92Z; N 35° 34.695 E 023° 35.288

Page 25: GEOcaching - Crete

This was a very easy cache31 in the vicinity of Kissamos

31 Agia Marina; GC1YVFN; N 35° 32.405 E 023° 43.880

Page 26: GEOcaching - Crete

Next to the church was a restored wash-house32

32 Wash-houses used woman before the washing machine was invented

Page 27: GEOcaching - Crete

For the next two caches33 our equipment was not suitable34

33 Ménies Bay; GC13DXZ und Sanctuary of Diktynna; GC1ZPNN34 Very small rentalcar

Page 28: GEOcaching - Crete

I was compensated by this strange plant35

35 but didn't known this plant

Page 29: GEOcaching - Crete


36 FTF: FIRST TO FIND; I‘m the first!37 mythos-dreaming wedding cache-Crete; GC295YB; N 35° 30.643 E 023° 33.962

Morning on the map a new Cache discovered

and immediately went there. After one hour I was on target37

Page 30: GEOcaching - Crete

... And here's the proof


38 This is my

Page 31: GEOcaching - Crete

As the owner39 described the view from up there is really great.

39 This is the one who placed the cache,in this case, "mythos-dreaming" from Austria.

Page 32: GEOcaching - Crete

On the way back to the parking lot you could admire the remains of a Doric40 city

40 The Dorians came around 1000 BC by Crete

Page 33: GEOcaching - Crete

This cache41 has a superb views to the airport of Chania, but I haven't

found it42!

41 Hennings DÜK Cache; GC20Q6F; N 35° 33.000 E 024° 10.42842 OFF!

Page 34: GEOcaching - Crete

I was not so enthusiastic43 about this cache44 in a clothing store.

43 As you can see.44 Karen's Chania Cache; GCPPP9; N 35° 30.929 E 024° 01.014

Page 35: GEOcaching - Crete

And also the next cache45 was borderline46

45 Owl of Chania; GCVDDB; N 35° 30.789 E 024° 00.37246 Caches in shops and pubs are just a matter of flavour

Page 36: GEOcaching - Crete

This cache47 in a cemetery wall offered a beautiful view of Platanias

47 BRUUNS HOLIDAY CACHE NO 1; GC13MXW; N 35° 30.813 E 023° 54.770

Page 37: GEOcaching - Crete

In Georgioupolis48 I was then on that clear but cold stream ...

48 Georgioupolis; GC1V1FQ; N 35° 22.089 E 024° 15.596

Page 38: GEOcaching - Crete

... With a pizza49, I decided spontaneously, to set50 my first cache51


49 Taverna Sunlight near by the beach50 NOW I AM A OWNER!51 GEORGIOUPOLIS - KERIAKI; N 35° 22.083 E 024° 15.728, a Micro

Page 39: GEOcaching - Crete

Soon I had found a suitable place52

52 Little church Keriaki near Georgioupolis

Page 40: GEOcaching - Crete

In the cave of Zeus53, it was dark

53 Birth cave of Zeus in Psychro on the Lasithi plain

Page 41: GEOcaching - Crete

And nearby54, there was this cache55

54 It was not so close, but after some climbing over goat paths I lifted him yet!55 DIKTAION ANDRON; GC11AP1; N 35° 09.664 E 025° 26.675

Page 42: GEOcaching - Crete

Once again there was a pizza56, and again I had the idea to take my leave with a cache of Crete

56 In Agios Konstantinos on the edge of the Lasithi Plain

At the car park you can see a working Cretan wind-powered water pump

Page 43: GEOcaching - Crete

The view from this cache57 to Agios Konstantinos is really


57 Good bye Crete, Agios Konstantinos

Page 44: GEOcaching - Crete

On the way back, near a Byzantine church I found this cache58

58 Potamies Byzantine Church; GCKA9W; N 35° 15.664 E 025° 23.023

Page 45: GEOcaching - Crete

The last cache59; 60 in Crete

59 Malia Island; GC1HH12; N 35° 17.720 E 025° 27.670 60 The island on the island

Page 46: GEOcaching - Crete

Found after swimming 200 meters61

61 or more

Page 47: GEOcaching - Crete