geocaching field trip marzano strategy: advance organizer artifact: geocaching log

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  • GEOCACHING FIELD TRIPMarzano Strategy: Advance OrganizerArtifact: Geocaching log

  • Pre-Geocaching ActivitiesLessons on using a compass, grid, latitude/longitude from AIMS Finding Your Bearings

    Online exploration of Global Positioning System (How GPS receivers work) (GPS, A New Constellation) (Nova Online: The Search for Longitude)

  • Outreach ProgramDr. Bob Coulter from the Missouri Botanical Outreach program (and Director of Litzinger Ecology Center) came out and introduced the students to how GPS receivers work, having them locate a point on the school grounds. He gave us an overview of geocaching on the website.

  • Geocaching Field TripStudents travel to Founders Park and then Quail Ridge Park. Using the coordinates we found on the web site, students locate the caches hidden in these parks with the GPS receivers.

  • Geocaching in ActionStudents complete advance organizer

  • Students use GPS to locate caches

  • We found one!

  • Whats under the log?

  • And heres the other one!

  • Whats Next?We are creating our own Daniel Boone cache. Our mascot, Rocky the Raccoon will travel (with a travel bug around his neck) to locations of importance to Daniel Boones life. Our students will track Rockys journey on the geocaching website.Happy Geocaching!