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  1. 1. Geocachi ng A game for treasure hunters or a game for scavengers
  2. 2. What is geocaching? a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.
  3. 3. What do I need to go geocaching? a GPS device or a GPS-enabled smart phone and a Membership.
  4. 4. Dont get turned off by the terms co-ordinates, latitude and longitude. You do not need to worry about them. When you download the caches these references are automatically downloaded also. You just follow the dots on the GPS device or smart phone. Easy-peasy.
  5. 5. Geocaching is a giant treasure hunt with treasures or caches in almost every country of our world. The website ( is where you look for caches. You can use a smart phone or a personal GPS.
  6. 6. my caching name the number of caches I have found where I live. The blue dot indicates where I was when I was looking at the screen
  7. 7. I click on this map and
  8. 8. a list of caches around Seymour appear. When I click on the map a map of the area and its caches appear.
  9. 9. Until now I am obtaining information from the internet. At this stage I normally save the caches in case I do not have an internet signal when I am caching. You dont have to though.
  10. 10. A map of the caches Smiley face I have found it Green spot traditional cache Blue spot a puzzle cache
  11. 11. Of course you can move to other regions of the map to see what caches are there: a holiday location a nearby town a national park near a friends home interstate overseas
  12. 12. Once at the caches location you then have to actually find it. It could be: hidden at the base of a tree hanging from a tree or wall magnetically attached to some metal hiding behind something hiding in a hollow log hiding behind a brick an imitation rock on the ground
  13. 13. Shepparton Benalla MtBeauty
  14. 14. Lets Search There is a cache in this room. Looking at my phone I find my way to the green spot the blue spot and the green spot come closer together. Then the search is on
  15. 15. Why I like geocaching:
  16. 16. something I can do with my grandchildren
  17. 17. something I can do with friends
  18. 18. something I can do by myself
  19. 19. something I can do whilst on holiday
  20. 20. gets me outside in all sorts of weather
  21. 21. gets me using my brain to solve puzzles
  22. 22. lets me enjoy different landscapes
  23. 23. I often see areas that theI often see areas that the ordinary tourist doesordinary tourist does
  24. 24. If you are interested: find site register look around site find site on smart phone download geocaching app download maps app download gps app ready to go There is a handout waiting for you.