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Introduction to Geocaching for beginners.


  • 1. Barcamp Charleston 2010

2. Geocaching History

  • What is Geocaching?The use of a GPS to find a cache that contains items to be found.
  • Who can participate in Geocaching?
    • If you can walk you can go Geocaching
    • Great activity for families

3. Geocaching in Lowcountry 4. Geocaching pictures 5. Geocache picture 6. Geocache pictures 7. Geocache picture 8. Geocache picture 9. What tools do you need?

  • Free Geocaching account on
  • GPS
  • Correct clothing closed shoes and long pants
  • Bug Spray (DEET) or Skin So Soft from Avon
  • Long stick or metal rod for probing for hidden caches on the ground
  • Flashlight if Geocaching at night

10. The different types of Caches

  • Traditional
  • Micro
  • Multi Cache
  • Mystery Cache
  • Event Cache
  • Cache in Trash Out event

11. Geocache Difficulty rating

  • Determined by the size of the cache
  • Determined by the terrain
  • Rating goes from 1 through 5
  • The higher the number the harder it will be to find it.

12. Different types of GPS to use

  • Garmin is a well known brand
  • GPS software for iPhone, iPad, Android
      • Geocache application

13. Picture of Garmin GPS I use 14. Being Aware of surroundings

  • Personal safety. Geocache with a partner
  • Be aware of wildlife and insects
  • Beware of Mugglers
  • Mugglers are people who vandalize caches

15. Geocaching ettiquette

  • There are no wrong or right ways to Geocache
  • Different people do it differently
  • Dont leave trash in the cache you find
  • Hide the cache container as well as you found it
  • If you take a cache item please leave one
  • If you take a travel bug relocate it within 24 hrs

16. Angel Oak Tree on Bohicket Rd 17. Geocaching Picture 18. Geocaching Picture 19. The Bird Cache 20. The Bird Cache 21. 22. The Bird Cache 23. Going to the cache 24. The cache found