Geocaching: Let's go on a Treasure Hunt!

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This is an introduction of geocaching to educators K-12 presented at the 3C's Conference at The Behrend College, Penn State University.


1. Geocaching:Lets go on aTreasure Hunt! Mary Beth Hengelbrok The sport where YOU are the search engine 2. A high-tech treasure hunt Need a GPS Seek a cache based on latitude andlongitude coordinatesThis is not just a teaching tool, its alifetime activity. What is Geocaching? 3. Global Positioning System Approx: $100-$500Garmin and Magellan are the most popular Can download cache Info into the receiver if it is properly equipped iPhones Groundspeak App $10 GPS 4. Using three satellites, you should be able to determine your exact position through trilateration.Some variables include: Trees Buildings Atmospheric Interference, etc.*A typical hand held receiver gets within 5-15 feet.How Does It Work? 5. Build an account Search by city, zip code, state, driving route, etc.(I usually search by zip code--16506) Record the latitude and longitude coordinatesand read the hints!How do I find a cache? 6. Sign the log bookTrade itemsTake something, leavesomething Look for travel bugs and geocoins Be sure to put the cache back in the sameplace you found it with theappropriate amount of camouflage.When you find the cache 7. Get as close to the location as you can. Insert the coordinates into the GPS.Follow the compass until it gets to 0-10feet.Use your geosense to find the cache. Then what? 8. What am I looking for? 9. Travel Bugs 10. Geocoins Collectable and Tradable Items 11. Take a bag that includes: GPS First Aid kit/bug spray Pen/Pencil Swag/Tradable items Compass Survival Guide 12. Muggles:Those who are not geocachers.You must be careful to be stealthy around them!TFTC:Thanks for the Cache TFTF:Thanks for the Find TNLN:Took Nothing Left Nothing Some Lingo 13. Reading latitude and longitude Map skills Using a compass Can add a research component Cross-curricular connections Letterboxing Hybrid Educational Benefits 14. Resource for lesson plans, how-to CD $32.00 Also includes ideas forgrant writing Educaching 15. For all your geocaching needs A site for beginners: Want to find out more? 16. Other Books For Your Library 17. PAECT list of resources -including GISsoftware Caching Teacher Blog Podcachers Geocaching List Serv(for teachers) Dr. Christies Guide for Educators Other Information 18. Google Earth & GPS Elementary and Secondary Versions $34.95 Lesson Plans and blackline masters Science U.S. History/ Geography 19. Thank You to Bridget Belardi[email_address] [email_address]


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