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    Original Price Our Price()code title3D Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Atmospheres (Physics of Earth and Space Environments) 10000495-13

    $200Alexander Marshak Anthony Davis Springer 3540239588Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 686

    3D Seismic Technology - Application to the Exploration of Sedimentary Basins 10000651-003$230R J Davies J A Cartwright Geological Society of London 1862391513Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 355

    3D Structural Geology (A Practical Guide to Quantitative Surface and Subsurface Map Interpretation) 2nd Edition 10000473-09$128Richard H. Groshong Jr Springer 3540310541Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 400

    A Color Guide to the Petrography of Carbonate Rocks - Grains,Textures,Porosity,Diagenesis (AAPG Memoir) 10000623-001$68Peter A. Scholle Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle American Ass.of Petroleum G 0891813586Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 474

    A Companion to Archaeology (Blackwell Companion to Archaeology) 10000603-010$300John Bintliff Wiley-Blackwell 0631213023Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 568

    A Field Guide to Geophysics in Archaeology (Springer Praxis Books Geophysical Sciences) 10000638-018$150John Oswin Springer 354076691XAuth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 230

    A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest - Rock Painters(HTML format) 10000611-001$17Alex Patterson Johnson Books 1555660916Auth: ISBN:1992 Pages: 250

    A Finite Element Framework for Geotechnical Applications based on Object-Oriented Programming 10000640-024$44Pit FRITZ Department of Rock EngineeriAuth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 113

    A Gathering of Rivers: Indians, Metis, and Mining in the Western Great Lakes, 1737-1832 10000689-016$50 Lucy Eldersveld Murphy University of Nebraska Press 0803232101Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 254

    A Geologic Time Scale 2004 10000614-015$210Felix M. Gradstein,James G. Ogg,Alan Cambridge University 0521781426Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 610

    A Hierarchical Coordinate System for Geoprocessing and Cartography: Working Through the Scales (Lecture Notes i 10000698-029$139 Geoffrey H. Dutton Springer 3540649808Auth: ISBN:1998 Pages: 231

    A Mathematical Theory of Large-scale Atmosphere-ocean Flow 10000595-026$115Michael J. P. Cullen Imperial College 186094518XAuth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 276

    A new Geological map of the Island of Syros 10000677-007$44 Mark Keiter Chris Ballhaus Frank Tom Geological Society of America 0813724813Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 50

    A Petroleum Geologist's Guide to Seismic Reflection 10000715-028$84 William Ashcroft Wiley-Blackwell 1444332635Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 176

    A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology 10000720-013$49 Gary D. Wisehart Erin C. Rempala Mic Morton Publishing Company 0895827859Auth: ISBN:2012 Pages: 320

    A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in Geomorphic Environments 10000576-19$110Mary C. Bourke, Heather A. Viles Planetary Science Institute 0978523601Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 88

    A Practical Companion to Reservoir Stimulation 10000631-099$105Michael J. Economides Elsevier 0444893245Auth: ISBN:1992 Pages: 226

    A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping 10000673-002$44 Tomislav Hengl BPR Publishers 9090249818Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 270

    A Practical Guide to Rock Microstructure 10000663-002$103 Ron H. Vernon Cambridge University Press 0521891337Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 606

    A Short Course in Geotechnical Site Investigation 10000679-006$110 N. Simons B. Menzies M. Matthews Thomas Telford Publishing 0727729489Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 368

    A Student's Guide to Geophysical Equations 10000697-004$29 William Lowrie Cambridge University 0521183774Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 296

    Abnormal Formation Pressures - Implications to Exploration, Drilling, and Production of Oil and Gas Resources 10000633-038$105Walter H. Fertl Elsevier 0444413286Auth: ISBN:1976 Pages: 382

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleAbrupt Climate Change - Inevitable Surprises 10000554-03

    $105National Research Council Ocean Studi National Academy Press 0309074347Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 230

    Accretionary Prisms and Convergent Margin Tectonics in the Northwest Pacific Basin 10000663-003$179 Yujiro Ogawa, Ryo Anma, Yildirim Dil Springer 9048188849Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 297

    Accumulation of Organic Carbon in Marine Sediments: results from the Deep Sea Drilling Project Ocean Drilling Pro 10000686-021$54 Ruediger Stein Springer 0387538135Auth: ISBN:1991 Pages: 229

    Acoustic and Elastic Wave Fields in Geophysics III 10000637-039$205Alex A. Kaufman A.L. Levshin Elsevier 0444519556Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 652

    Acoustic Emission and Critical Phenomena - From Structural Mechanics to Geophysics 10000669-011$133 Alberto Carpinteri Giuseppe Lacidogna Taylor & Francis 0415450829Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 282

    Acoustic Sensing Techniques for the Shallow Water Environment - Inversion Methods and Experiments 10000637-041$200Andrea Caiti N. Ross Chapman Springer 1402043724Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 332

    Active Geophysical Monitoring (Handbook of Geophysical Exploration - Seismic Exploration, Volume 40) 10000648-014$160Junzo Kasahara Valeri Korneev Michae Elsevier Science 0080452620Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 572

    Active Tectonics (Studies in Geophysics)(HTML Format) 10000612-004$44National Research Council National Academy Press 0309036380Auth: ISBN:1986 Pages: 280

    Active Tectonics of Northwestern Anatolia,MARMARA Poly-project-Multidisciplinary Approach by Space-grodesy, 10000653-009$110Verlag der Fachvereine 3728124257Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 558

    Active Tectonics of the Hellenic Subduction Zone (Springer Theses) 10000678-015$129 Beth Shaw Springer 3642208037Auth: ISBN:2012 Pages: 182

    Adaptation to Climate Change - A Spatial Challenge 10000663-004$129 Rob Roggema Springer 1402093586Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 267

    Adaptation to Climate Change in Southern Africa - New Boundaries for Development 10000663-005$99 Steffen Bauer, Imme Scholz Earthscan 1849711631Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 120

    Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change (America's Climate Choices) 10000663-006$49 National Research Council National Academies Press 0309145910Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 292

    Adaptive Atmospheric Modeling - Key Techniques in Grid Generation,Data Structures,Numerical Operations w Appl 10000589-024$202J Behrens Springer 3540333827Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 214

    Adaptive Beaming and Imaging in the Turbulent Atmosphere 10000651-015$54Vladimir P. Lukin Boris V. Fortes SPIE 0819443379Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 218

    Adiabatic Invariants in Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics 10000622-023$205Michael V. Kurgansky CRC 0415284155Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 220

    Advanced Control and Supervision of Mineral Processing Plants - Advances in Industrial Control 10000647-014$130Daniel Sbarbaro Rene Villar Springer 1849961050Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 311

    Advanced Earthquake Engineering Analysis (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences) 10000583-029$114Alain Pecker Springer 3211742131Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 214

    Advanced Geotechnical Analyses (Developments in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering V.4) 10000620-003$400P.k. Banerjee Routledge 1851666230Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 394

    Advanced Numerical Models For Simulating Tsunami Waves And Runup 10000636-022$85Philip L. F. Liu Harry Yeh World Scientific 9812700129Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 344

    Advanced Ocean Modelling - Using Open-Source Software 10000649-005$129Jochen Kampf Springer 3642106099Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 196

    Advanced Oil Well Drilling Engineering - Handbook and computer programs 10000616-009Bill J Mitchell Society of Petroleum Engineer B0006RMYTWAuth: ISBN:1995 Pages: 626

    Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation (Wiley-Scrivener) 10000652-018$195Rafiq Islam S.H. Moussavizadegan Wiley-Scrivener 0470625813Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 490

    Advanced Reservoir Engineering. 10000420-02$200AHMED, Tarek H., and Paul D. MCKI Gulf Professional Publishing 0750677333Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 422

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleAdvanced Soil Mechanics, 3rd Edition 10000621-031

    $155Braja Das Taylor & Francis 0415420261Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 594

    Advanced Topics in Biomineralization 10000716-016$44 Jong Seto InTech 9535100454Auth: ISBN:2012 Pages: 174

    Advanced Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Engineering 10000621-033$300Charles W.W. Ng Taylor & Francis 0415436796Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 710

    Advanced Well Completion Engineering, Third Edition 10000666-010$175 Wan Renpu Gulf Professional Publishing 0123858682Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 736

    Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials- 9th International Workshop on Bifurcation and Degradati 10000665-013$129 Stephane Bonelli Cristian Dascalu Fran Springer 9400714203Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 378

    Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Volume 7 10000638-029$100Philip L. F. Liu World Scientific 981024620XAuth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 252

    Advances in Coastal Modeling (Elsevier Oceanography Series, Volume 67) 10000681-038$215 V.C. Lakhan Elsevier Science 0444511490Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 614

    Advances in Comminution 10000677-015$129 S. Komar Kawatra Society for Mining Metallurgy 0873352467Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 557

    Advances in Data, Methods, Models and Their Applications in Geoscience 10000717-016$44 Dongmei Chen InTech 9533077376Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 336

    Advances in Earth Science - From Earthquakes to Global Warming 10000591-042$200P. R. Sammonds J Thompson Imperial College Press 1860947611Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 344

    Advances in Earthquake Engineering for Urban Risk Redu