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  • Geomet is a Coordinate

    Measuring Machine Software

    System designed to make using

    and managing CMMs simple and

    productive. The single CMM

    user and the global corporation

    both benefit from this Universal

    CMM language that streamlines

    the three-dimensional quality

    function by providing a

    common platform and interface,

    interchangeable programs,

    and unified reports, training,

    support, and updates across

    CMMs of varying types from

    any manufacturer.

    Builders of CMMs Since 1973

  • The Universal CMM Measuring System


    GEOMET Provides: POWER to analyze simple or

    complex 3D geometry in keepingwith ANSI Y14.5M principles.

    VERSATILITY to cope with newand unanticipated measurementrequirements.

    PRODUCTIVITY with the speedfor quick throughput andresponsiveness to operators.

    EFFICIENT USER INTERFACEthat reduces or eliminates needlessoperations.

    INTEGRITY - Geomet followsa no nonsense path to credibleinspection, carefully avoiding errorprone practices while offeringguidance to obtain the best results.

    UNIVERSALITY - All Geometequipped CMMs, manual or motordriven, speak the same language, havethe same operator interface and canuse interchangeable part programs.

    EXPANDABILITY - Upgradesfrom one level to the next requirelittle additional user training.

    BACKWARDSCOMPATIBILITY - Geometcommits to backward compatibilityto keep future upgrades enconomical.A program written in 1996 will runin a 2006 or later version of Geomet.

    Geomet has been continuously evolvingsince the early 80s and is today a widelyused CMM Software productivity tool.Back then it was one CMM with onecomputer/software program. For a secondmachine you might have a differenthardware/software solution incompatiblewith the first. Before long you could have a collection of incompatible, discrete CMMs,in one plant or across multiple facilities.Neither programs nor operators wereinterchangeable. Geomet provides acommon, familiar and easy-to-use CMMsoftware system that unifies training,programming, the user interface, reporting

    of results, support and upgrades across allCMMs, manual or DCC, of any manufacture,within an organization.

    Geomet is powerful and efficient, a systemthat simplifies precise and comprehensiveGeometric analyses in the measurement ofprecision 3D parts. The latest version buildson the strengths of previous versions, andadds the benefits of the current WindowsOS, complimented by our trademarkKeystroke MagicTM hotkey interface.Options expand Geomet for newer probesystems and controls, extended dataanalysis, CAD connectivity, statistics and process control I/O.

    Interchangeable Programs

    Any CMM C

    Any CMM B

    Any CMM A

    Common UserInterface

    Common ReportsCommon Training

    Common Support& Updates

    Any Operator

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    User Environment

    Geomet is a users CMM software and is configurable by the user.The basic layout provides the key functional areas. As measurements areproduced, results are given as both text and CAD graphics. Size, position,attitude and projections are consistent with ANSI Y14.5M principles.Selections can be made from either text or graphics for subsequentevaluations. The user chooses to emphasize text or graphic output as wellas control colors and other visuals. System Status, prompts and helpful userinformation appear automatically when and where needed. To avoidconfusion, whatever is not relevant to the task at hand is not shown.

    The System Status and Prompt areas are extremely useful. They tell theoperator clearly what to do next and indicate important conditions of themeasurement being executed, like the Part Coordinate System setup guide,Cartesian or Polar, active Stylus number and inch or millimeter units.

    An endearing feature long favored by Geomet users, the keyboard key labelssupplement the well-organized Windows menus and provide direct one-buttonaccess to the most frequently used functions. As any regular user of softwareknows we gravitate toward hot key commands because this is the mostefficient method to direct software. Our Keystroke MagicTM is a Geomettrademark and it simplifies access to enormous measuring power. Icons arecolor coded into groups of related and distinct inspection operations and arealways present and always in the same location for all levels of software.Operators learn to use Geomet in much the same way one learns wordprocessing, knowing the system without looking, enabling fast executionunmatched by any other CMM Software.

    Probe Management

    Status Banner



    Drop DownMenus

    Tool Bars

    System Statusand Prompt Area

    CAD GraphicsArea

    Geomet supports touch trigger probes, scanning probes,hard probes, video probes, lasers and other sensors.The Electronic Touch Trigger Probe, the most commonlyused, is calibrated on a precision reference sphere.The system handles and calibrates any combination of fixedor indexible probes, with single tip or star cluster stylusconfigurations and probe and stylus changing. The statusBanner indicates at all times which stylus is being used.

    Geomet simplifies probe setup and calibration. When anindexible probe is used in conjunction with a stylus rack,visual prompts guide you through the stylus and angleselections as well as through the qualification procedure.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

  • A measured dimension is meaningless if itis not tied to a valid Part CoordinateSystem (PCS) as distinct from the MachineCoordinate System (MCS). One ofGeomets great strengths is its strongemphasis on the correct and efficientestablishment of a PCS.

    Highly flexible tools allow easy establishmentof datum frames for parts in any position onthe machine. A Setup Guide insures that allPCS elements are properly completed.Up to 500 PCSs can be created and usedwith complete flexibility during an inspection.A graphic icon indicates the location andorientation of the active PCS for reference.

    PCSs can be translated and rotated andfeatures are always projected correctly intoany PCS. The components of all PCSs (forexample, an origin, a datum axis or a datumplane) can be extracted for use in otherconstructions or PCSs. Coordinates can beCartesian or Polar.

    The Intermediate Coordinate System (ICS)concept, unique to Geomet, facilitatesfinishing the remaining components of a PCSwith their previous values. For example, if amachine operator wants to quickly check abore for size he can set a part on the tableand with one command accept the machinecoordinates so the diameter measurementwill be correct.

    Fixture Coordinate Systems (FCS) arehandy, timesaving tools in the repetitiveinspection of production parts measured infixtures. FCS speeds the PCS setup processand reduces cycle times. Unlimited FCSsenable you to check multiples or differentparts in a run.

    Geomet also supports a rotary 4th axis,referred to as a Wobble Coordinate System(WCS) and it compensates for rotary runoutin the system (wobble). This featuremakes Geomet a perfect match for shaftmeasuring systems.

    Feature Measurement and ConstructionGeomet measures all the classical geometricelements as well as vectors, and contoursections and surfaces, with a minimumnumber of keystrokes. The user defines thedefault number of hits for each type, yet thisremains flexible. Undesired or accidentalhits can be deleted. If the CMM is capableof automatic direction sensing, probingdirections and ID/OD type determinationsare also automatic. Every feature typeautomatically recycles until another functionis selected speeding measurement. Familiaraudio tones inform the user as hits areaccepted and features are completed.Features can also be created in CAD-like

    fashion when needed as phantom orreference Geometry.

    Constructions are measurements createdas combinations of 2 or more previouselements such as distances, angles, bisectors,intersections, bolt circles and so on.Subsequent constructions may be producedfrom combinations of measured, createdand constructed features. All features arereported for position, angular attitudeand size as appropriate. 2D and 3D formare available.

    All features are automatically labeled or usernames can be applied. Geomet allows undoor erasing backwards, step-by-step, in caseerrors have been made. In the event ofpower loss, for example, the current taskcan be recovered even though unsavedor unfinished.


    Coordinate Systems

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    Scanning/Reverse EngineeringGeomet serves those who need todocument or model the unknownand send it to a CAD system.Several methods are available to

    create CAD elements or digitize geometryand surfaces. At the simplest level, the CADentities produced in Geomet as a result of anymeasurement are exportable in IGES formator the stylus center points can be exported asASCII or DXF. With our GeoTracer featurecontour sections can be drag-digitized with ahard probe across the profile. Linear sectionsor regions defined by radial or 4 pointboundaries can be automatically digitized witha touch probe under DCC control and Cardinalsplines are supported. Random point cloudsand high-density laser scanned surface data canalso be gathered and exported as XYZ pointsin IGES, DXF or ASCII.

    TolerancingGeomet provides tolerancing for anydesired feature during manualmeasurements or as entries in programs.For any dimension, the nominal value andthe related tolerances may be entered.The results will indicate this nominal andtolerance information and show deviationfrom nominal values along with deviationfrom tolerance with a proportional graphicwhen in tolerance or an actual value whenout of tolerance. This makes finding anyout-of-tolerance condition very easy.


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