geometry in robotics robotics 8. geometry in robotics  why is geometry important in our robotics...

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  • Geometry in RoboticsWhy is geometry important in our Robotics class?

  • Important Geometry terms to use in RoboticsGeometry in Robotics

  • Geometry in RoboticsRight Angle A 90 degree angle.Where would we use right angles with our robots?Can you name a part that uses a 90 degree angle?

  • Geometry in RoboticsPerpendicular Line SegmentsTwo line segments which cross to form 90 degree angles.Where would we use perpendicular line segments with our robots?

  • Geometry in RoboticsVertex The intersection point of two sides of a plane figure.Where would we use a vertex with (or where would one be at on) our robots?

  • Geometry in RoboticsAcute Angle An angle less than 90 degrees but greater than 0 degrees.Where would an acute angle become important to us when in competition?

  • Geometry in RoboticsObtuse Angle An angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.Give me a scenario where an obtuse angle would be needed in competition.

  • Geometry in RoboticsRay The part of a straight line considered as originating at a point on the line and as extending in one direction from that point.Where would you use a ray in robotics?

  • Geometry in RoboticsParallel Line Segments Line segments that do not intersect.Where on the robots would you have parallel line segments?

  • Geometry in RoboticsRight Triangle A triangle with one internal angle equal to 90 degrees.Give an example of where a right triangle is used in robotics.

  • Geometry in RoboticsParallelogram A quadrilateral having both pairs of opposite sides parallel to each other.(Note: squares and rectangles are also quadrilaterals.)Where would you use a parallelogram in robotics?

  • Geometry in RoboticsRectangleA parallelogram having four right angles.(Note: a square is also a rectangle.)Where on the robot is a rectangle commonly used?

  • Geometry in RoboticsSquare A rectangle having all four sides of equal length.Other than on the robot, where is a square used in competition?

  • Geometry in RoboticsCircle A closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center.Where is a circle commonly used on the robot?

  • Geometry in RoboticsDiameter A straight line passing through the center of a circle or sphere and meeting the circumference or surface at each end.In what situation would knowing what the diameter of a circle would be important?

  • Geometry in RoboticsRadiusA straight line extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or surface. Name a time when using a radius is important in competition.