george goodheart: „listen very carefully!“ die bedeutung der anamnese aus struktureller sicht

Download George Goodheart:  „Listen very carefully!“ Die Bedeutung der Anamnese aus struktureller Sicht

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George Goodheart: „Listen very carefully!“ Die Bedeutung der Anamnese aus struktureller Sicht. Dr. Ram š ak Ivan splošni zdravnik, Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Sportmedizin, Neuraltherapie, Manuelle Medizin, Dozent für Applied Kinesiology D.I.B.A.K seit 2000. greeting. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • George Goodheart: Listen very carefully!

    Die Bedeutung der Anamnese aus struktureller SichtDr. Ramak Ivansploni zdravnik, Arzt fr Allgemeinmedizin, Sportmedizin, Neuraltherapie, Manuelle Medizin, Dozent fr Applied Kinesiology D.I.B.A.K seit 2000

  • greetingThe way and length of the handshake

  • Why are you coming?Ability to express the priority of problems Gesticulation and body language

  • Since when do you feel pain?Slowly beginningOverstrain, overusefocusabrasion...Suddenly beginningaccidentoperationbirth...

  • Slowly beginning - overuseReport of body work out:Years of exercisingIncrease of exercise in one/last yearSize of body work out last 4-6 weeksIntensity of body work out last 4-6 weeksFrequency of competitions last year

  • Slowly beginning - focusHow are you during virus infection?How are you if you have stress?How are you on holidays?Are the problems changing from one to the other side of the body?Typically.: All my problems are on the rigth/left side!

  • Slowly beginning - overuseSensitivity of temperature?Is your pain different during the seasons?How do you feel when it`s clammy?....

  • Suddenly beginning accidentTell and show me how the accident happened!Which muscles were contracted?Which muscles were stretched?Which ligament could be stretched?Skin proprioreceptors strained?...

  • Suddenly beginning accidentWas it your first accident?Do you have many other problems?Are you afraid?Sympatic reflex-dystrophie or Morbus Suddeck

  • Suddenly beginning operationWhat do you feel when do you remember the operation?Sensitivity of scar?Problems with metals used for implantation?Redondrain...?Did you ever have problems after narcose?

  • Suddenly beginning birthLength of birth?Sitting, defecation, kohabitation... Since when after birth possible?Perineal tear?

  • What would cause more pain?

    moving structural pathologyresting - functional problems

  • When during day and night do you feel the most pain?

  • When during the four seasons do you feel most pain?

  • The common symptoms of depressionneckstiffnessPain in knees and ellbowsDeep lumbar painInterscapulary painI feel pain everywhere!

  • Show me the radiation of your pain !

  • In which position do you feel most pain? SittingRunning, up-, downhill, WalkingLying

  • Pain during sittingCoccygisCat IITuber ischiadicum rectum-pathologies, hamorrhoiden...Lig. iliolumbale, lig. sacro-tuberale , lig. sacrospinale

  • Pain during/after walkingDysfunction of the feetTalus medial: gonarthralgia, inguinalgiaTalus lateral: trochanter major painPes valgus: lumbar pain, inguinalgia, .............

  • Pain during/after walking

    pes valgus

  • Pain during lyingCategory ILigamentpain hyper-mobility stress!!!Visceral pain...

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