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  • 1. B321 Coursework Georgia Humphrey Candidate number: 9094 Sponne School Centre number: 27258

2. Success Criteria For Magazines By looking at other examples of students magazines covers and contents pages I was able to recognise the basic criteria for magazines and identify the positive and negative points about them. From this I have managed to create my own success criteria from my research: Consistent Font Colour Scheme House Style Genre/topic Background image with a clear focus and related topic to the magazine Secondary images Date Masthead Advertisements Issue Number Price Specific Target Audience Competitions Barcode Subtitles Facts/Statistics Presentation Small descriptions of contents/features Quotations/interviews Structure 3. For the house style of this magazine you can see that the magazine has stayed very consistent. This is because they always keep the logo in the top left hand corner in the same colours red and white. These colours are very eye-catching so they will catch the readers eye straight away as well as being appealing and contrasting colours so they complement that magazine and make it look more sophisticated. As well as this the colours have no set genre making this magazine more appealing to both sexes. For the main article of the magazine Q uses a header at the top right hand side of the page to draw your attention straight towards it. It tells you of how Florence welch, the main image, feels 'so alone'. This draws the reader in as they want to find out more and shows the other side of being famous and how it may not always be so glamorous. The main image of this magazine is Florence Welch a singer out of an indie rock band. Her facial expression is not very inviting and she looks quite insecure and naive, which connects with the article written about her as the article is slightly solemn and they want her to appear in the same honest sort of way. However she is looking directly at the camera which makes her look like she is yearning for guidance. This then makes the reader feel more involved with the magazine and also want to help her so she doesnt feel alone anymore like the article says. As well as this her body language also shows a similar view as they have brought her hands up around her face to make her quite closed and shy like she has been hurt and doesnt want to be hurt again. It is almost as if she is protecting herself and feels uncomfortable opening up about how she really feels. Which then makes the interview even more interesting to the reader as it may be an exclusive interview and she may not opening up and express herself again, making it a must read to the reader. Magazines also use a lot of extra headings to attract the audience further. The more interesting the headline the bigger and bolder the font it has to attract the readers eye to it first. This means that have more of a chance of the reader buying the magazine and it isnt all based on the main feature of the magazine or the artist on the front cover. The main target audience for this music magazine is for the older generation such as people in their 30's and 40's who still want to be up to date with music but in a more sophisticated way. You can see this because in other magazines such as Kerrang they comment on what the artist is wearing and how to get their 'look' rather than just focusing on interviewing the artist and information about their music. However, it can also appeal to the younger audience range as it does still include promotional gifts and other interesting features which will appeal to more than the intentional target audience. 4. For this music magazine the costumes are usually quite extravagant and smart as the musician is usually playing at a concert. This makes the reader think they are rich and sophisticated as well as gives a better impression to the audience then wearing a t shirt and baggy jeans. As well as this it connects to the target audience much better as the older generation are more likely to buy this magazine as the main people are dressed in a much older grown up fashion. All 3 people on the front cover of this magazine have a very comfortable looking smile which shows confidence in themselves and appeals more to the reader connecting with them and making them feel more involved with whats going on in the magazine. The shot type for this cover page is a medium shot type as it only shows their shoulders and their head with a simple plain background. This means that all the focus is on the image and what they're doing rather than whats going on in the background. As well as this it makes the magazine look less crowded and messy so even though there is an overlapping of 3 different images it still has that sophisticated classy look. Their faces are made up with a medium makeup to give them the glamorous look but not make them look cheap or tarty. This works well with the magazines target audience as the older generation when going out will wear more make up then on a daily visit to the supermarket. Whereas the younger generation wear a lot of makeup most of the time like most celebritys. They have chosen to use props in this magazine like most magazine covers of theirs as it shows the audience straight away what the main article is about, so when they are in a rush, they know exactly what the magazine's main feature is. 5. For the costume of this magazine they have gone for a much more casual relaxed look which very much contrasts with the magazine classical fm. You can see this because the main image is of Kelly Clarkson in a basic white t-shirt with a print on the front. This shows that the celebrity wasnt as worried about what she was wearing and gives the audience the impression that the magazine is much more relaxed feel which relates much more closely to the younger target audience and makes them connect with the magazine more. The facial expression is also very calm and peaceful as the Kelly Clarkson is just wearing a simple smile and looking directly at the camera. This shows she is very confident in herself and makes the magazine more appealing to the reader as she is giving you an encouraging smile to read it. The shot is a medium shot with the head and shoulders being the only part of her body in the picture. This means that the full attention is on her and not what she is doing or what she is wearing. However she is not facing the shot straight on, she is turned to the side looking over her shoulder to the camera so it leads your eye in more and makes the picture look less staged to support the relaxed feel of the magazine even more. The makeup for this image is very basic and simple giving her that natural look that compliments the magazine and her own attitude. You can see this because someone like Lady Gaga for example wears a lot more makeup to show her crazy and outrageous attitude unlike Kelly Clarkson. For the hair of this image they have gone for a loose wavy natural bed hair look that most girls hate. This makes her unique and individual and show that she is comfortable and doesnt For this magazine cover there is no use of props. 6. The costume for this magazine cover is black jeans and no shirt. This shows a more careless, confident and reckless look to the other magazines I have previously looked at. This is because the genre of music is totally different so therefore the image has to be very unique and rock/punk like. As well as this, having his shirt off shows the tattoos covering his chest and arms. The facial expression also supports this view as the main image is of Chester Bennington screaming or shouting very loudly. This shows that he is a not a quiet and peaceful person like other artists but instead a much louder life of the party sort of guy which relates back again to the music genre of this magazine. For the body language of this magazine they have chosen a very rare pose. This is because the subject is stood normally with the camera being a medium shot however his hands are behind his head and his back is slightly arched over. This would usually make the magazine look unbalanced however they have added a larch heading in the middle to lower half of the cover making image more balanced. This body language also leads the eye in well so your eye is straight away lead to him, the main subject and the main article of the magazine. For this cover image they have chosen to decorate Bennington with jewellery such as earrings, a necklace and a sweatband. This makes him look very individual and recognisable as most men dont wear jewellery as they are not as confident and wouldn't pull it off as well in the same way. However, Chester Bennington still has a slight nerdy and normal look to him as in the image he is wearing thick framed glasses which makes us think that he is quite smart and still young. 7. For the contents page of Q magazine you can see that they have a very similar layout to Mixmag. This is because they both have images on the right hand side and the text on the left in a long column. This is very typical of music magazines as they have the images alongside the magazine to connect to the features and draw you in. As well as make it easier to read as each magazine will keep to their layout so the reader knows how to navigate around the page. However the layouts are slightly different as on Q magazine they like to overlay images and twist them so the layout is much more relaxed and casual but still professional. When looking at Mixmag you can see that they use more than the usual number of fonts. This is because they want to draw attention to different parts of the magazine therefore they have use different colors and fonts to do this. You can see this because on the subtitles of the features they have used a different color and font which is more serif and curly where as the actual features themselves are in a dark bold sans serif font. This works well as it sections up the text and mak