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1. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B THAILAND GEP 2012 PRINCE ROYALS COLLEGE, CHIANG MAI 2. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand are beautiful. Everywhere you go, the Thai people are so friendly and welcoming and when you make an effort to learn basic hello and thank you in their language they really appreciate it. No matter where you are, look up and you can see the thick crowd of powerlines above you, the beautiful children playing in the streets and the people selling things to put on their table for their families to eat. I loved the location and the surroundings of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. 3. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B 4. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B My students touched my heart and my mind. 5. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B We had the opportunity to observe our Thai teachers and students in their own classroom environment, learning from them and observing how classrooms run in Thailand. We got to plan and teach our own lessons and fulfill our practicum requirements in accordance with the curriculum and had a Deakin tutor there for support and guidance along the way. We had the opportunity to go on a Thai Scout Camp in which students did orienteering and camped at the foot of the mountains. 6. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B In our spare time we did a traditional cooking class, pet tigers, rode elephants, explored the culture and cuisine with markets, temples, amazing Thai nightlife, traditional lantern ceremonies and the well talked about Thai street food. We ran sessions and taught at an English camp. 7. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B 8. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B I learnt so much more than I could have imagined. Not only did I grow professionally, but I learnt so much about myself, overcame cultural barriers, language barriers and made life long friends along the way. The GEP experience is invaluable, and will exceed every expectation you could possibly have.