german emigrants in the east

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German emigrants in the east

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German emigrants in the east. Table of Contents. Vocabulary Timeline Catharina the Great Picture of Katharina II. Reasons to go to Russia Emigrants I Emigrants II I. and II. Worl War Return to Germany Emigrant to Germany Wilhelm Küchelbecker Today Sources. Vocabulary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • German emigrants in the east

  • Table of Contents

    VocabularyTimelineCatharina the GreatPicture of Katharina II.Reasons to go to RussiaEmigrants IEmigrants III. and II. Worl WarReturn to GermanyEmigrant to GermanyWilhelm KchelbeckerTodaySources

  • VocabularySettlements some people who live in different houses togetherEmpress female ruler of the countrySpread her reign - make her country biggerSignificant contribution important additionCraftsman- another word for a person who works with his handsCrimean war- a war in the Eurasian area

  • Timeline1763: Catherine the Great began to colonize Russia1764-1767: Frirst German emigrants came to Russia1764-1773: Establishment of 104 German colonies1853- 1856: Crimean War, German colonists helped Russia to fight against Turkey. They made a significant contrubution to the economic deveploment of Russian Germans.1874: Germans had to do their duty in the Russian army1887: Russans wanted their country back and for themselves1897: there were about 1 million emigrants1914-1918: World War I1939-1945: World War II

  • Catherine the Greatborn 1729 in StettinEmpress, duchess from RussiaShe was a young princessCame from GermanyShe wanted to spread her reignShe called German immigrant worker to work for her in RussiaShe offered them religious freedom, free land and liberation from millitary serviceDied 17th november 1796 in Sankt Petersburg

  • Picture of Catherine the Great

  • The reasons to go to RussiaThey wanted to workThey wanted to earn money for their familiesThey wanted to have better lives

  • Emigrants I.There were millions of emigrants in RussiaThey were all GermanWorked for Catherine the Great as:Farmers and craftsmenCatherine wanted to colonize RussiaThey wanted to have better lives

  • Emigrants II.Problems:LanguageThey forget theirmemories of the old way oflife and started a new lifeBad conditions

  • Word War I and II1st August 1914 the first World War beganRussia and Germany were enemiesSome of the German people who lived inRussia had to fight in the war

    22nd of June 1941 Nazi Germany attacked Russia (Soviet Union)The German people had to go Siberia because the Soviet people took revenge for the attackMen and women had to work in camps

  • Return to GermanyAfter the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, the remigration beganThey sold their houses and carsThey went back to Germany

  • Emigrants to Germany1950 2000, 4.12 millions people came to GermanyReasons:National, political, economic reasonsSome of them had families in Germany

  • Wilhelm KchelbeckerBorn on 21st Juny 1797 in St. PetersburgWas a poetHis works: The fate of Russian poetsand was very famousHis family was GermanDied on 23rd August 1846

  • TodaySome of the Russian people go to Germany, for work and a new home

  • SourcesSources from the internet