german vocabulary: the family (die familie )

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German Vocabulary: The Family (die Familie) MICHAEL JUSTIN ELLIS Grandmother- Großmutter Grandfather - Großvater Father - der Vater Uncle – der Onkel Aunt – die Tante Mother – die Mutter Cousin (m) – der Vetter Cousin (f) die Kusine das Baby Brother --der Bruder Sister -- die Schweste r

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German Vocabulary: The Family (die Familie ). Grandmother- Großmutter. Grandfather - Großvater. Uncle – der Onkel. Aunt – d ie Tante. Mother – die Mutter. Father - der Vater. Cousin (m) – der Vetter. Cousin (f) – die Kusine. Brother --der Bruder. d as Baby. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


German Vocabulary: Friends and Family

German Vocabulary: The Family (die Familie)Michael Justin ellis

Grandmother-GromutterGrandfather - GrovaterFather - der VaterUncle der OnkelAunt die TanteMother die Mutter

Cousin (m) der VetterCousin (f) die Kusine

das Baby

Brother --der Bruder

Sister -- die Schwester

1German Alphabet and Pronunciation ReviewA= ah B= bay C= tsay D= day E= ay F= eff G= gay H= haa i= eeh J= vot K= kah L= ell M= em N= en O= oh

P= pay Q= koo R= er S= es T= tay U= ooh V= fow W= vay X= ix Y= uep-si-lohn Z= tset = similar to the e in melon = similar to the i in girl = no equivalent in English = double s sound

2German Vocabulary Greetings and Introductions -- ReviewSAYING HELLOHallo (Hello)Gr Gott (Hello [in Southern Germany])Guten Morgen (Good morning)Guten Tag (Hello, Good afternoon)Guten Abend (Good evening)

SAYING GOODBYEAuf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)Tschs (Goodbye [Informal])Auf Wiederhren (Goodbye [on the telephone])Bis spatter (See you later)Bis bald (See you soon)Bis morgen (See you tomorrow)Bis Freitag (See you on Friday)Alles Gute (All the best)Viel Glck (Good luck)Machs gut (Take care [S])

3German Vocabulary Greetings and Introductions -- ReviewJa YesNein NoHeien verb meaning to be called or am Wie gehts? How are you?Wie geht es dir?How are you? (more formal)Gut good

Nicht notSehr veryUnd andDir/dich you (not at the beginning of a sentence)Mir/mich MeDanke ThanksBitte pleaseWie how

4German Review Introductions, Greetings and Common PhrasesIch heie...ikh hie-ssuhMy name is... [I am called...]Ich komme aus...ikh koh-muh ows...I'm from...Es geht.ess gateI'm ok. (informal)Wo wohnst du?vo vohnst dooWhere do you live? (informal)Wie heit du?vee hiesst dooWhat's your name? (informal)Woher kommst du?vo-hair kohmst dooWhere are you from? (informal)Wie geht's? vee gaytsHow are you? (informal)Ich wohne in...ikh voh-nuh in I live in...

5Lets practice some of our new vocabulary using the following Web 2.0 toolsGerman Flashcards : German Online: out one of the vocabulary games at Wie Gehts: a drawing of your family using: the family members in your drawing using the German vocabulary that you learned in this weeks lesson.

6German Vocabulary - Meine Familie Part Two

For this section of the lesson, we will use our new vocabulary to compose an email to a friend or family member using Google Docs.Watch the instructional video for using Google Docs. The video can be found here: up a new document for your email and share the document with your group members and the instructor. We will work together, as a group, to compose our emails.

7ReferencesDi Donato, R., Clyde, M., & Vansant, J. (2007). Deutsch, na klar!: An introductory German course (5th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. German Words and Phrases. (n.d.). Retrieved April 24th, 2014, from

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