get ahead! stay ahead! july 1st insights get ahead! stay ahead! july 1st, 2019 happy monsoon season

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  • Insights @ Mangalam

    Fourth Edition

    Get Ahead! Stay Ahead! July 1st, 2019


    Monsoon Season Celebrate monsoon with us

    Hello everyone once again! Let’s welcome monsoon with a bang! This month our first initiative is to plant 30 trees as an organization and I am really proud to say for the first time in the history of Mangalam we are getting an opportunity to contribute and we are all really excited for it! Come out and help us do our bit to save the environment! I would also like to share that our Coffee hour initiative has completed a year

    this month and we have introduced a “Mangalam Band” for our employees! Wear it Proud! While this edition has a lot of new material added to the newsletter, I encourage each one of you to read and contribute for the upcoming newsletters! Happy and safe monsoon everyone!

  • R & R Coming this Month

    Tree Plantation Drive 2019

    Celebrate with us this Drive

    On 4th July, 2019

    Try out your skills here and win a prize!

    Gaming Zone First Edition


    Are you Problem solver?

  • Name DOB Department

    Rahul Singh S Shekhawat 01-Jul HDM

    Vijya B Dhusiya 02-Jul HDM

    Mitulkumar V Gamit 03-Jul DPDC

    Bipin Manubhai Padsala 05-Jul LSG

    Chandniben J Vaghela 06-Jul HR

    Hardik N Jani 07-Jul SYSTEM

    Rakesh L Gulwani 08-Jul HDM

    Aniruddhsinh P Chauhan 09-Jul HDM

    Rohan J Vacheta 10-Jul HDM

    Prashant J Pakhali 11-Jul DPDC

    Madhvi Bhandari 12-Jul MANAGEMENT

    Sandip Bharatbhai Sindhav 12-Jul SYSTEM

    Avani Mayurkumar Raval 13-Jul DPDC

    Chirag Pravinbhai Jethava 14-Jul EDD

    Bhavesh B Chauhan 14-Jul HDM

    Riddhishkumar H Pathak 15-Jul SYSTEM

    Dipakkumar Punambhai Parmar 15-Jul LSG

    Rajiv O Chauhan 15-Jul HDM

    Nikhil R Chauhan 15-Jul EDD

    Jaydeep Raghunathsingh Rana 19-Jul LSG

    Nimesh Ashok Panchal 19-Jul HDM

    Ashvin A Rathod 20-Jul HDM

    Bhavesh R Solanki 21-Jul HR

    Shubham Y Nayak 21-Jul HDM

    Pooja K Trivedi 21-Jul HDM

    Sahil R Barot 22-Jul HDM

    Mayuriben Prakashbhai Usadadiya 22-Jul HDM

    Khushalkumar N Davera 23-Jul DPDC

    Shraddha D Patel 23-Jul MS

    Muzita V Vero 24-Jul HDM

    Gautam B Parmar 24-Jul HDM

    Jayesh V Modi 27-Jul HR

    Nilam A Jain 27-Jul LSG

    Bharat Bhavanbhai Makwana 27-Jul LSG

    Shrishti A Bhandari 29-Jul MANAGEMENT

    Akshaykumar M Dudhat 30-Jul LSG

    Manish Choyal 31-Jul MARKETING

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Name Year’s Department

    Chaitanya D Patel 19 Year(s) FINC & ACCO

    Narendra V Dodiya 19 Year(s) FINC & ACCO

    Kamlesh K Patni 15 Year(s) UTILITY

    Ashish R Parekh 15 Year(s) EDD

    Surag N Shah 13 Year(s) EDD

    Ramesh K Yadav 13 Year(s) LSG

    Kalpesh D Prajapati 13 Year(s) LSG

    Jayesh V Modi 12 Year(s) HR

    Bipin Manubhai Padsala 11 Year(s) LSG

    Vipul Keshavlal Patel 11 Year(s) DPDC

    Jaydeep Raghunathsingh Rana 10 Year(s) LSG

    Jayesh Gordhanbhai Vaghela 12 Year(s) UTILITY

    Chiman Maganbhai Barot 12 Year(s) UTILITY

    Poorvi B Panchal 2 Year(s) EDD

    Nikhil R Chauhan 2 Year(s) EDD

    Ashish R Ranjan 2 Year(s) HDM

    Kinjal M Sarvaiya 1 Year(s) SYSTEM

    Apexa J Suthar 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Nisha M Senjaliya 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Jinkal K Kachhadiya 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Manishkumar N Singh 1 Year(s) HDM

    Swetang B Dodiya 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Keta P Gajjar 1 Year(s) MS

    Manisha B Rathod 1 Year(s) EDD

    Riddhi B Patel 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Nisha B Patel 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Mitulkumar V Gamit 1 Year(s) DPDC

    Vijay M Kalal 1 Year(s) HDM

    Sandeep M Parmar 1 Year(s) HDM

  • Ankit Vaghela

    We need to realize that we need to change our

    attitude toward people. We need to show gratitude

    towards people for everything they do for us. We

    need to APPRECIATE their efforts. Most times we

    miss the opportunity to cherish important people

    around us as well and take them for granted, these

    could be our close ones too.

    I believe, however wealthy or popular we get in our lives, these are the people who will

    always be there for us even when the world might forget us. An advice I would like to give

    the young people in the organization is that never underestimate or overestimate anyone

    around you. Everyone have something special and unique about them – give them a

    chance to show you who they really are!

    કેટલા પથ્થરોમાાં ફૂલો ખીલી જાય છે કેટલાક અંજાન પણ પોતાના બની જાય છે આ કાતતલ દુતનયામાાં કેટલીક લાશોને કફન પણ નસીબ થતુાં નથી અન ે કેટલીક લાશો ઉપર તાજમહલે બની જાય છે

    બસંી જે સ્વપ્નમાાં તવચાર્ુું હત ુાં એવુાં જ ઈશ્વરથી મળર્ુાં છે, જોતજોતામાાં બે વર્ષ વીતી ગયા છે તારી સાથે તવતાવેલી પ્રત્યેક ક્ષણ યાદગાર છે જેવુાં તારુાં નામ , બાંસી છે એટલો જ મધરુ તારો સ્વર છે તારો જન્મદદવસ આવી રહ્યો છે તેનો હરખ મને તહવેાર કરતા પણ વધ ુછે સાાંજ થતાાં તને જોવા મારી આંખો તરસ ેછે અને તને જોઈ ને જ મારો થાક ઉતરે છે

    -Rakesh Bheel

    -Krutika Kacchia

  • Reference



    The return of Mars to your sign last month, where it remains for most of the month, whilst giving you more confidence also has the effect of making you even more assertive. And so busy are you that you have no time for ditherers and could be somewhat insensitive to the needs of others as a result. Major changes are happening in your life though, so don’t let your impatience get the better of you. During the last two years your responsibilities where your home or family are concerned are likely to have been heavy but will now ease as Saturn moves on into Leo, which is the area of your chart connected with creativity, children, romance and fun. You will be learning more about yourself and your potential in this respect while Saturn is here. Hard work and disciplined action in any of these areas, even in creativity, will be rewarded in the long term. And if you are single, a serious romance may enter your life.


    During the past two years or so, Saturn has been occupying the area of your chart connected with communications, education, your social life and your mobility and during this time you are likely to have felt restrictions in any of these areas or have had to learn new methods or cope with a new situation in this respect. Now, as the New Moon enables you to make a new start in this area of your life, Saturn moves on into Leo and the area of your chart connected with home and family. For the next two years, your responsibilities in this respect are likely to be heavier and the demands upon you where your home or your family members are concerned may be greater. But for most of this month, Venus, your ruler, is also in Leo and your enjoyment of your home and family means you would rather relax at home than anywhere. You may also be tempted to redecorate or make your home more beautiful in some way.


    Mercury, your ruler, is in Leo for the whole month, the area of your chart connected with your communications and your social life. And with Venus here too for most of the month, your life will have an enjoyable buzz and all your communications are likely to be light, affectionate and fun. only after the 23rd, when Mercury turns retrograde, will you have to take care to avoid misunderstandings. And with Saturn moving into this area of your chart, where it will stay for more than two years, all your communications and your social life will then begin to take on a more serious mien. Your everyday travel may become more restricted or undergo a change in some way, as you are called upon to learn more about yourself through this area of your life. The very good news, though, is that any strain you have felt during the past two years, where your personal financial situation is concerned, should now ease as Saturn leaves the sign of Cancer.


    For the past two years and more, Saturn has been in your sign and the personal lessons you have had to learn may have been hard, but no doubt a new you have emerged from the changes you have gone through during this time. Now Saturn moves on into Leo, the area of your chart connected with your personal finances and your property. If you