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Get away with Cubana Travel!. Our Destination. Its one of the nicest islands on the Caribbean. It is also the biggest. Amazing sites to visit. Great history. It is quite famous for its beaches. Our destination is…. Where is it?. What is there to see?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Get away with Cubana Travel!

Our DestinationIts one of the nicest islands on the Caribbean.It is also the biggest.Amazing sites to visit.Great history.It is quite famous for its beaches.Our destination is.

Where is it?

What is there to see?Its beautiful beaches and the Cuban peopleThere is restaurants in every blockA nice amusement park for the kids and bowling for the adults

Our cultureLots of museums(free)Known for our Cuban cigarsCuban coffee Very important historic figures

Varadero Beach20 km of nice beaches with hot, white sand.Established municipality in 1887Was established by families who wanted to have vacation homes there.

ClimateClimate is mildNot a lot of rain in summer monthsLowest temperature is about 170CHighest temperature is about 380CHurricane seasonCool factsBeyonce and Jay-Z visited CubaBest cigars in North AmericaMedicine in Cuba is freeMost doctors are in other countries

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