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  • 1. Get Green, Stay Green
    • Intuitive Red/Yellow/Green PC Health Status
  • OneCare makes it easy to get green and stay green

2. 3 PCs In the OneCare Circle

  • Subscription covers up to 3 PCs
  • OneCare Circle shows status of each

3. Gamer Turns off Firewall

  • Switching off the firewall defaults to Turn off for 1 hour
  • Disabled firewall puts Gamer PC into Red state

4. OneCare Restores Circle to Green

  • Firewall reactivated on Gamer PC
  • Health status of both Gamer PC and circle return to Green

Hub PC Shows Resolution in Progress Gamer PC Returns to Green State OneCare Circle Returns to Green State 5. Easy Multi-PC Backup and Restore

  • OneCare defaults to a single backup plan using a centrally available external drive

6. OneCare Centrally Manages Backup

  • Hub PC can set backup for all PCs in the OneCare Circle

7. Printer Sharing Made Easy

  • A printer is connected to another PC in the OneCare Circle
  • Dialog boxes appear on other OneCare PCs to easily add this shared printer

8. An Unsecured Wireless Routeris Detected 9. OneCare Explains and Automates 10. OneCare Provides Step-by-StepInstructions 11. OneCare Has Secured the Network OneCare assigns SSIDand WEP Key Customer can save or print network information OneCare also makes it easier to add more Windows PCs to the secured network 12. OneCare Makes It Easy to Add More PCs to the Secured Network 13. Joining Another OneCare PC to the Secured Network Confirm joining the secured network PC has been added to the secured network USB Key plugged into aWindows XP or Vista PC that needs to join the secured network 1 2 3 14. Enhanced Monthly Report 15. Start Time Optimizer

  • Helps remove rarely used programs that load at startup
  • Improves start-up speed