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    February 1619, 1998The Beckman Center

    Irvine, California



    Thomas F. Barry, Jr. Secretary of Transportation, Florida Departmentof Transportation

    Jack E. Buffington (retired, U.S. Navy), Research Professor/AssociateDirector Mack-Blackwell National Rural Transportation StudyCenter, University of Arkansas

    Sarah C. Campbell, President, TransManagement, IncAnne P. Canby, Secretary of Transportation, Delaware Department of

    Transportation E. Dean Carlson, Secretary, Kansas Department of TransportationJoanne F. Casey, President, Intermodal Association of North AmericaRobert A. Frosch, Senior Research Fellow, Belfer Center for Science &

    International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government,Harvard University

    Gorman Gilbert, Director, Institute for Transportation Research andEducation, North Carolina State University

    Genevieve Giuliano, Professor, School of Policy, Planning, andDevelopment, University of Southern California

    Lester A. Hoel, L.A. Lacy Distinguished Professor, University ofVirginia, Dept. of Civil Engineering

    H. Thomas Kornegay, Executive Director, Port of Houston AuthorityThomas F. Larwin, General Manager, San Diego Metropolitan Transit

    Development BoardBradley L. Mallory, Secretary of Transportation, Pennsylvania

    Department of TransportationJeffrey R. Moreland, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff,

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe RailwaySid Morrison, Secretary of Transportation, Washington State

    Department of TransportationJohn P. Poorman, Staff Director, Capital District Transportation

    Committee, Albany, New York Wayne Shackelford, Commissioner, Georgia Department of

    TransportationCharles H. Thompson, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of

    Transportation,Michael S. Townes, Executive Director, Transportation District

    Commission of Hampton Roads, VirginiaThomas R. Warne, Executive Director, Utah Department of

    Transportation Arnold F. Wellman, Jr., Corporate Vice President, Domestic and

    International Public Affairs, United Parcel Service

    James A. Wilding, President and Chief Executive Officer, MetropolitanWashington Airports Authority

    M. Gordon Wolman, Professor of Geography and EnvironmentalEngineering, The Johns Hopkins University

    David N. Wormley, Dean of Engineering, Pennsylvania StateUniversity


    Mike Acott, President, National Asphalt Pavement AssociationJoe N. Ballard, Chief of Engineers and Commander, U.S. Army Corps of

    EngineersKelley S. Coyner, Administrator, Research & Special Programs

    Administration, U.S. Department of TransportationAlexander Cristofaro, Office Director, Office of Policy and

    Reinvention, U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyMortimer L. Downey, Deputy Secretary, Office of the Secretary, U.S.

    Department of TransportationNuria I. Fernandez, Acting Administrator, Federal Transit

    Administration, U.S. Department of TransportationJane F. Garvey, Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S.

    Department of TransportationEdward R. Hamberger, President & CEO, Association of American

    RailroadsClyde J. Hart, Jr., Administrator, Maritime Administration, U.S.

    Department of TransportationJohn C. Horsley, Executive Director, American Association of State

    Highway and Transportation OfficialsJames M. Loy, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Department of

    TransportationWilliam W. Millar, President, American Public Transportation

    AssociationRosalyn G. Millman, Acting Administrator, National Highway Traffic

    Safety AdministrationJolene M. Molitoris, Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration,

    U.S. Department of TransportationValentin J. Riva, President & CEO, American Concrete Pavement

    AssociationAshish K. Sen, Director, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S.

    Department of TransportationKenneth R. Wykle, Administrator, Federal Highway Administration,

    U.S. Department of Transportation






    CHAIRMANMartin Wachs, Director,

    Institute of Transportation Studies, University of

    California, Berkeley

    VICE CHAIRMANJohn M. Samuels,Vice President

    Operations Planning & Budget (Operations

    Division), Norfolk Southern Corporation

    EXECUTIVE DIRECTORRobert E. Skinner, Jr.,

    Transportation Research Board

  • ISBN 0-309-07156-9

    Subscriber Categories:I Planning, Administration, and EnvironmentII DesignIII Materials, Construction, and Maintenance

    Printed in the United States of America

    Publications of the Transportation Research Board are available through the Publications Department at 202-334-3213 and through the World Wide Web at

    Workshop on Pavement Renewal for Urban Freeways February 1619, 1998Irvine, California

    The Transportation Research Board is a unit of the National Research Council, which serves the National Academy of

    Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. The Boards mission is to promote innovation and progress in

    transportation by stimulating and conducting research, facilitating the dissemination of information, and

    encouraging the implementation of research results. The Board's varied activities annually engage more than 4,000

    engineers, scientists, and other transportation researchers and practitioners from the public and private sectors and

    academia, all of whom contribute their expertise in the public interest. The program is supported by state

    transportation departments, federal agencies including the component administrations of the U.S. Department of

    Transportation, and other organizations and individuals interested in the development of transportation.

    The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit, self-perpetuating society of distinguished scholars

    engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their

    use for the general welfare. Upon the authority of the charter granted to it by the Congress in 1863, the Academy

    has a mandate that requires it to advise the federal government on scientific and technical matters. Dr. Bruce M.

    Alberts is president of the National Academy of Sciences.

    The National Academy of Engineering was established in 1964, under the charter of the National Academy of

    Sciences, as a parallel organization of outstanding engineers. It is autonomous in its administration and in the

    selection of its members, sharing with the National Academy of Sciences the responsibility for advising the federal

    government. The National Academy of Engineering also sponsors engineering programs aimed at meeting national

    needs, encourages education and research, and recognizes the superior achievements of engineers. Dr. William A.

    Wulf is president of the National Academy of Engineering.

    The Institute of Medicine was established in 1970 by the National Academy of Sciences to secure the services of

    eminent members of appropriate professions in the examination of policy matters pertaining to the health of the

    public. The Institute acts under the responsibility given to the National Academy of Sciences by its congressional

    charter to be an adviser to the federal government and, upon its own initiative, to identify issues of medical care,

    research, and education. Dr. Kenneth I. Shine is president of the Institute of Medicine.

    The National Research Council was organized by the National Academy of Sciences in 1916 to associate the

    broad community of science and technology with the Academys purposes of furthering knowledge and advising

    the federal government. Functioning in accordance with general policies determined by the Academy, the Council

    has become the principal operating agency of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of

    Engineering in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities.

    The Council is administered jointly by both the Academies and the Institute of Medicine. Dr. Bruce M. Alberts and

    Dr. William A. Wulf are chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the National Research Council.

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    Transportation Research Board

    National Research Council

    Washington, DC

    National Academy Press 2000

    Get InGet Out





    February 1619, 1998The Beckman Center

    Irvine, California


  • S T E E R I N G G R O U P M E M B E R S

    ChairmanRichard P. Weaver, Deputy Director, California DOT (retired)

    MembersA. Ray Chamberlain, Parsons BrinckerhoffTheodore R. Ferragut, TDC PartnersGerald F. Voigt, P.E., Director, Technical Services, American

    Concrete Pavement AssociationJoseph A. Mickes, Chief Engineer, Missouri DOTRichard D. Morgan, Vice President, National Asphalt Pavement

    AssociationWayne Shackelford, Commissioner, Georgia DOTDale F. Stein, President Emeritus, Michigan Technological


    LiaisonsFrancis B. Francois, Executive Director, American Association of

    State Highway and Transportation Officials (retired)Thomas J