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GET MORE DONE!ByMark Phillips

Adobe Developer Summit Unconference 20091WHY GET MORE DONEYou cant hire anyone else.You dont want to be fired.You want to do a good job &Have time for other things.www.vertabase.com2WHO AM I

www.vertabase.com3WHATS IT ALL ABOUT

www.vertabase.com4WHAT ITS NOT

www.vertabase.com5WHO YOU AREDesigner, developer, copywriter, creative, support person member of a team.You solve and facilitate solutions for your client.www.vertabase.com6WHO YOU AREManager whos job is to get people of different skills and backgrounds to work together.You are judged by the results you deliver for your client.www.vertabase.com7NO MATTER WHO YOU AREITS ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT.www.vertabase.com8TIP NUMERO UNOThe only results that matter are EXTERNAL

-Peter Druckerwww.vertabase.com9BE A FACILITATORSolve ProblemsBuild SolutionsDeploy SolutionsSupport SolutionsHELP ACCOMPLISH GOALSwww.vertabase.com10BE A FACILITATORHELP MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPENThe only thing in abundance is mediocrity-Peter Druckerwww.vertabase.com11WHAT IS TIME MANAGEMENT?Time ManagementIs a set of habits for making the best use ofYOUR OWN TIMEso that you can GET MORE DONE.www.vertabase.com12WHAT IS PROJECT MANAGEMENT?Project ManagementIs a set of habits for making the best use ofOTHER PEOPLES TIMEso that the team can GET MORE DONE.www.vertabase.com13PROJECT MANAGEMENT REDEFINEDCOMMUNICATIONEXPECTATIONSESTIMATESwww.vertabase.com14PROJECT MANAGEMENT REDEFINEDhelp your clientwww.vertabase.com15COMMUNICATIONwww.vertabase.com16CONTEXT MATTERSThe only problem worth solving is the one the client defines.Let the client frame the problem and then solve that problem.www.vertabase.com17One Story

www.vertabase.com18TIP NUMERO DOSListen to your client

www.vertabase.com19GET MORE DONEYour time and money will be spent most effectively if it is focused on solving your clients problem.www.vertabase.com20COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELYWhen you communicate, the only thing that matters is what is understood by either party.www.vertabase.com21COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELYWhen you are talking, its what the other person hears.When you are listening, its how much you understood.www.vertabase.com22TIP NUMERO THREECater Communication to Context

www.vertabase.com23EVERY PROJECT HAS 3 PHASESPLANNINGACTIVEWAREHOUSECater your communications to each phase.www.vertabase.com24PLANNING PHASEIs where you define a projects goals, the time table, budgets, resource allocations and risks.


www.vertabase.com26WHAT IS A SPEC?A spec document is an extremely useful document for your INTERNAL team.It is the wrong tool for a client.

www.vertabase.com27BULLET POINT SPECTastes better.Less filling.

Exactly the right tool for the client.

www.vertabase.com28BULLET POINT SPECAll bullet points.Only a few questions.Answered in one or two sentences.www.vertabase.com29BULLET POINT SPECProject goals Time table Budget & resource allocation Riskswww.vertabase.com30Two Stories

www.vertabase.com31GET MORE DONEYour time and money will be spent most effectively if you are using the right tools with your client.www.vertabase.com32Discussions?Consider them issues (not endless)Threaded message board with due dates or an issue trackerMeeting as a last resort -> only when necessarywww.vertabase.com33ACTIVE PHASEIs where the deliverables are worked on and the plan is put into action.

www.vertabase.com34ACTIVE PHASEIts where everything that can go wrong does.

www.vertabase.com35TIP NUMBER 5Make Sure You Communicate.

www.vertabase.com36For CommunicationAutomatic emails when something changes.Wiki, software, emails, message board, calls and even meetings.How often? Depends on length of the project.

www.vertabase.com37What to CoverGoals updateScheduleBudgetNeed information?Riskswww.vertabase.com38When Things Go Wrong!Dont Hold Back

www.vertabase.com39OTRO SUPER GRANDE TIP (NUMERO 6)>30% =bring it up as a risk>70% =bring it up as a fact=100% =too late =death spiral of despair

www.vertabase.com40-This page intentionally left blank-www.vertabase.com41WAREHOUSING PHASEIs when the project moves to a different phase in the lifecycle. It is no longer being built but rather maintained, archived or shelved.

www.vertabase.com42WAREHOUSING PHASELessons learned and final comments.Fresh, but not blaming.Record immediately. Wait two days to share them.

www.vertabase.com43PROJECT MANAGEMENT REDEFINEDCOMMUNICATIONEXPECTATIONSESTIMATESwww.vertabase.com44ExpectationsMake a good project feel bad.Make a bad project feel even worse.Or, a bad project can be a learning experience

www.vertabase.com45Here comes another tip (7)Manage expectationsManage expectationsManage expectations

www.vertabase.com46You Are The ExpertUse that asymmetry.Trust your expertise.

www.vertabase.com47The Master of

48Captain, we have a problem.Is not a knock on you.You are sharing your expertise.You are helping your client.www.vertabase.com49GET MORE DONEYour time and money will be spent most effectively if you communicate and change the plan to reflect how the clients problem is being solved.www.vertabase.com50PROJECT MANAGEMENT REDEFINEDCOMMUNICATIONEXPECTATIONSESTIMATESwww.vertabase.com51Let Experience Guide YouEstimates allow you to measure perception against reality so you can improve pricing, scheduling, expectations management and productivity.www.vertabase.com52TIP OCHOEverything measured improves

-Dan Gilbertwww.vertabase.com53Where do good estimates come from?Tracking Timewww.vertabase.com54Dimensions in Time TrackingTrack time on tasksTrack against calendar datesCompare estimates to actualsKeep a record of the estimates

www.vertabase.com55Track Time on TasksCreate a task list (doubles as spec).Buckets of at least 20 hours.Consistent descriptions and/or work types.www.vertabase.com56Track Time Against Calendar DatesEffort DOES NOT = Duration.Track start dates and end dates.Learn what times are most productive for which activities.www.vertabase.com57Rule of ThumbDuration = 2x effort + (1 day/2 days of effort).orDuration = 4 x Effortwww.vertabase.com58Always include management time.As a line item orAs additional hours orAs a proportionate increase in rate.www.vertabase.com59Combo Rule of Thumb and Tip 91 hour of pm per 5 hours of production time.1 hour of am per 7 hours of production time.www.vertabase.com60Compare Estimates to ActualsMonitor your time profitability.Its a window into how long it really takes to do things.It can be brutal.www.vertabase.com61Keep a Record of Your Est. & ActualsIt is a goldmine of information for you or for any organization.It is the key to visibility and process improvement.www.vertabase.com62One Last Story

www.vertabase.com63GET MORE DONEYour time and money will be spent most effectively if you can learn how to solve your clients problems better.www.vertabase.com64GET MORE DONEResults are on the outsideListen to your clientCater communications to contextDONT EVER WRITE A SPECCommunicateManage ExpectationsTRACK YOUR TIMEwww.vertabase.com65PROJECT MANAGEMENT REDEFINEDhelp your clientwww.vertabase.com66EL ULTIMO TIPMake it a habit.



68Other TipsUse 1-2-3 to Prioritize Tasks

www.vertabase.com69Let Your People KnowLet your people know what it is they should be working on at any time and what tasks are more important than others.www.vertabase.com701-2-3 Method of PrioritizationWhen assigning out tasks via email or other tool preface the subject line with 1, 2 or 3.1 do it soon3 do it when you can2 do it before 3 and after 1www.vertabase.com71GET MORE DONEYour resources are spent most effectively when they are working on the right things at the right time.www.vertabase.com72Another Other TipUse the Launch Countdown method

www.vertabase.com73MANAGE YOUR OWN PROCESSTo be effective you need to manage your own work. That means using some structure to define how you produce creative deliverables.www.vertabase.com74WHAT IS THE METHODThe Launch Countdown Method is a simple naming convention to help you keep track of where you are on all your assets.www.vertabase.com75HOW IT WORKSEvery asset goes through three phases.3 needs to be started2 asset is in progress1 ready for launchwww.vertabase.com76HOW IT WORKSPut the number 3, 2 or 1 ahead of every assets name.Youll know what stage its in.You can juggle your work.You can give information on its state. And it creates a super handy list on your computers file systems.www.vertabase.com77GET MORE DONEPrioritize tasksUse Launch Countdown Methodwww.vertabase.com78THANK YOUVERTABASE.COM/BLOG