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How to get more twitter followers by implementing these easy steps.



2. LINK YOUR OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS By Sabastian Dyer Linking social media accounts will increase awareness to fans of your activity on other platforms. Help with cross marketing efforts, and improves overall engagement. 3. USE HASHTAGS By Sabastian Dyer Using hashtags makes it easier to connect with people on local subjects, and makes monitoring reach easier over twitter. Trending hashtags also gain a large amount of exposure and awareness. 4. TWITTER MANAGEMENT TOOLS By Sabastian Dyer Using twitter management tools like tweetdeck or hootsuite can save you time. Helping to improve your engagement with followers and prospects. 5. RETWEET OTHERS AND GET RETWEETED By Sabastian Dyer Retweeting accounts helps reach new audiences as people may retweet your tweet. Getting retweets also shows that your content is valuable and share worthy reaching new audiences. 6. USE LINKS WISELY By Sabastian Dyer Links to other profiles and websites can be important to gain exposure. 7. TWEET PHOTOS By Sabastian Dyer Photos and images improve engagement drastically, and are more likely to go viral. 8. THE TIME IS IN THE TWEET By Sabastian Dyer Image Predictive Marketing Its proven that tweeting at certain times help generate more followers. Tweeting at different times may also help reach new audiences. 9. BUILD INTERESTING TWITTER LISTS By Sabastian Dyer Use lists so that you can filter and engage with individuals more easily. 10. UTILISE FOLLOW FRIDAY By Sabastian Dyer And other popular twitter trends and hashtags. 11. INTEGRATE YOUR OFFLINE By Sabastian Dyer Use twitter in a number of places, on QR codes, on uniform, on signage, on print 12. GUEST POST By Sabastian Dyer This will help you reach new audiences as your profile and online brand is exposed to new individuals. Guest posts also dramatically improve SEO and other facets to your digital marketing. 13. USE THE @ SYMBOL TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE Connect with people so that they are aware of your existence, helping them to see and engage with you. By Sabastian Dyer 14. THANK YOU Any questions? Why not connect with me By Sabastian Dyer