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  • Get Motivated, Live Healthy, Be Happy



    Everybody wants to lose weight and live a happier, healthier life, but most people are

    still as depressed about the way they look and feel as they have ever been. Why do

    millions of people every year decide that they want to lose weight, but fail miserably?

    The answer is simple:


    Without it your life never changes. You never get to feel and look as great as you know

    you should be. When you have power over your motivation all your goals are within

    reach. Staying motivated to reach your healthy living goals means the difference


     Wasting your summer hiding away in an air conditioned room, or proudly

    showing off your new body at the beach with your family

     Coming home from work so exhausted that all you can do is park your butt on

    the couch, or finally having the energy to spend your free time playing with

    your kids…or working on your golf game

     Feeling grumpy and cloudy headed all day, or attaining levels of energy and

    happiness that you never thought possible

    The fact is that you can own all the best diet and exercise programs in the world and

    never achieve any of your goals because you lacked the motivation to stay committed,

    follow through, and get the body you really want. This free report is filled with solid tips

    and advice that will help you stay motivated no matter what’s going on in your life. If you

    follow all the advice compiled here your journey to health and happiness will be a heck

    of a lot easier than for someone going in blind. Use this information wisely and you can

    achieve anything!

    Good Luck on Your Journey,

    Roshi Health

    P.S. Motivation without a plan is useless. Check out the last page of this report where I

    suggest some great programs that will make the most of your new motivational skills

  • Get Motivated, Live Healthy, Be Happy


    Table of Contents


    3 Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track…………………….4

    Weight Loss Motivation - The Carrot Or the Stick?..........................................................7

    Motivation and Weight Loss - The Biggest Key to Weight Loss Success…………….....10

    5 Tips to Maintain Your Motivation to Lose Weight……………………………….…….…12

    Look Good Naked - A Motivation For Weight Loss……………………………….…….…14

    3 Ways to Find Motivation to Lose Weight………………………………………….…..….16

    5 Tips for Keeping Motivated to Lose Pounds As You Lose Fat………………….….....18

    How to Use Rewards for Self Motivation in a Weight Loss Program…………….…….20

    Bonus: Make the Most of Your Motivation……………………………………..…………..22

  • Get Motivated, Live Healthy, Be Happy


    3 Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track

    By Jennifer McCay

    If you want to lose weight but have struggled to follow through in the past, you can

    absolutely slim down easily this time around, but you do have to ensure that you don't

    fall into your old diet traps (at least without having weight loss motivation tips that


    To ensure that you stay focused on even the toughest days, it helps to have weight loss

    motivation tips on hand that remind you why you're doing all this great work to get your

    body healthy, fit and fabulous.

    Here are 3 powerful weight loss motivation tips to guide you:

    1) Make the time you spend concentrating on losing weight as fun and interesting

    as possible. Whether you're a single mom with little outside help with your children or

    you're a married mom simply juggling the busy schedules of multiple kids, losing weight

    tends to be pretty low on the priority list of things to accomplish every day, which is why

    it's likely been a problem in the past. However, my favorite weight loss motivation tips

    involve fun because if you can find ways to ensure that you're enjoying yourself, you'll

    find ways to want to press on even on tougher days.

    Combine food prep with kid time. Recruit little ones to "help" you in the kitchen by

    chopping fruit or veggies with a dull knife while you're making a healthy dish. Use small

    kids' body weight in your workouts instead of barbells, or let the kids be your spotter

    during your routine if you are using small, safe weights. Or simply turn on some music

    and dance away with your kids or on your own. The best part is that being active helps

    you feel better, manage stress and increases your energy level, so find ways to be

    active that you love, even if it's not a normal gym workout.

    The simplest weight loss motivation tips are often the very best ones, and this one alone

    can be all it takes to get you focused.

  • Get Motivated, Live Healthy, Be Happy


    2) Set a goal to simplify your focus. Do not simply say, "I want to lose weight". Be

    specific so that the goal is attainable and personalized to your needs. You will also need

    to set a time frame. Saying ambiguous things like "by my birthday" or "by the winter" will

    not help you achieve your goal. The less specific you are, the more weight loss

    motivation tips you'll need because you're not telling your mind which direction to go -

    which is the equivalent of saying "I'd like to go to the grocery store" and then driving

    around aimlessly trying this road and then that one without necessarily getting even one

    mile closer to your goal.

    I don't typically recommend goals like losing a particular number of pounds in a week

    simply because we cannot control the rate at which our bodies lose weight healthfully,

    but at the same time, we can absolutely set and achieve goals like taking care of our

    bodies with healthy, weight-loss-promoting foods for 6 weeks. Aim to achieve things you

    can control rather than things that are out of your hands, and you'll feel more steady

    throughout the process.

    This is one of the most powerful weight loss motivation tips of all because if you can get

    focused on a specific goal, it's much easier to achieve success.

    3) Partner with a friend who's also looking to slim down and you'll find that your

    motivation stays much stronger due to the accountability factor alone, much less having

    someone to keep you company. You may even be able to ask your husbands to take

    turns watching the kids while you and your buddy work out, prep food or brainstorm how

    to handle tough situations. You can also share recipes and weight loss motivation tips,

    as well as information on local resources that support your weight loss.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your healthy new habits to

    become part of The Flow - which is what I call it when you hit your stride, and suddenly

    it seems much easier to stay on track without needing a lot of outside weight loss

    motivation tips.

  • Get Motivated, Live Healthy, Be Happy


    Following these weight loss motivation tips should help you reach The Flow even

    sooner. Give each idea an honest try even if it initially seems too simple to make a

    difference, and you'll be getting results in no time!

    Calling all moms! Want to achieve truly healthy weight loss that energizes

    you as you lose weight permanently? Moms get FREE weight loss advice,

    motivation, recipes and more geared exclusively to your busy lifestyle at

    Now's the time to take care of you. Live your personal best life in your best

    body starting today!

    Copyright Jennifer McCay and LeanGreenMama International. All rights


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  • Get Motivated, Live Healthy, Be Happy


    Weight Loss Motivation - The Carrot Or the Stick?

    By Sherri Frost

    Your weight loss motivation can dwindle unless you understand what moves you to take

    action. It helps to understand if you are motivated by the carrot or the stick.

    The Carrot

    If you are motivated by the carrot, then you think in terms of moving towards your goal.

    You find your goals exciting and look forward to achieving them.

    You will be looking forward to how great you will look and feel. You'll be thinking about

    how it will feel to have loose fitting pants.

    Ask 'Why is losing weight important to you?" and you will likely hear:

     "I will be able to buy new clothes in a smaller size"