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Improve the efficiency of your CRM and Marketing Automation. Improve on facts like these: 63% of CRM systems fail to deliver on their original objectives Only 31% of CRM users achieve an adoption rate greater than 90% Reps spend on average only 41% of their time actively selling


  • 1. Maximize Returns from Your CRM While Improving Efficiency of Your Sales Team 1 10/10/14

2. THE PROBLEM: 63% of CRM systems fail to deliver on their original objectives (Source: Merkle Group study) Only 31% of CRM users achieve an adoption rate greater than 90% (Source: Accenture CSO Insights study) Reps spend on average only 41% of their time actively selling (Source: Accenture CSO Insights study) 3. REASONS INCLUDE: Adoption issues, such as: The human element: paying insufficient attention to user needs/benefits Installing in a silo, without adequate specification aligned to business strategy Compliance issues: Poor data inputs (a reason and a symptom of failure) Poor process definition and feeding of useful information to where it is needed most Misuse of analytic capabilities (akin to driving a Ferrari at 10 MPH on the Autobahn) 4. OUR SOLUTION Everyone who works in sales is after the big fish the monster deal that makes careers, and reputations. CRM systems are the rod and reel to help land that fish, but Radiant 1 offers something else essential to help the salesperson BAIT 5. OUR SOLUTION BAIT is our systematic means of turbo-charging your CRM system, giving you better results for new or existing installations. B Basics A Adoption I Interface T Tools 6. BAIT Basics. Basics is all about identification of the gaps between what you intended and what has actually happened with the system. Through our Basic discovery process, we uncover likely blockages or resistors in the system and come up with 'quick fix' solutions that achieve fast improvements. The start of every assignment, Basics gives you a clear identification of process hiccups or pockets of resistance, plus some ideas on how to tackle them. 7. BAIT Adoption. For some clients, user adoption is a specific goal that is well known before we walk in the door. Certainly for new installations, but also for expansions of CRM systems to new groups, or re-examining how new employees are trained and motivated to use the system. We use proven techniques to not only equip users to get more out of the system, but also motivate them using our 20+ years experience in behavior modification for major brands like FedEx, Verizon, and (other). 8. BAIT Interface. For both new and existing installations, we provide a service that improves the user experience. We make it more intuitive and attuned to user needs. We can also improve information flow, brand engagement, and even workplace morale - after all, isn't it strange how companies spend countless hours and money fine tuning their website, but completely ignore the opportunity to engage with their employees every day? Our approach to developing branded UI/UX helps companies get the most out of their technology investment. 9. BAIT Tools. Often a quick fix for an existing system is leveraging new or existing tools to improve system use and data input. One such tool, which comes out of the box and ready to use, is JANE - our 24/7 mobile application that quickly impacts field sales rep usage of the system, improving data input speed & quality while saving reps time between calls. The following slides share a bit more about JANE and how it can be molded into one of your most powerful allies to improve results. 10. MOBILE IS A CRITICAL COMPONENT Making the mobile application a key component and a relevant business tool that will easily answer the needs and wants of all users of the CRM system. Executive Management: Improve quality of data input into the CRM system Salespeople: Provide a practical solution that saves time in both gathering and updating customer information 11. INTRODUCING How can I help? Hello, Im Jane 12. Who is Jane? AND MUCH MORE. All your tools are accessible through simple voice activation on your mobile device. Dictate meeting notes Make calendar updates Search Send email or collateral. Update your accounts, contacts & opportunities 13. Jane is the worlds first virtual assistant designed specifically for sales reps and managers AlwaysAvailable SimpleVoiceOrTextInterface TakesCareOfAdminTasks KnowsAndSpeaksSales FreesSalespersonUpToSell DataUpdatedInrealDme Readytogooutoftheboxformost commontasks CustomizaDonavailabletosuityourspecic sales/CRMsystemneeds 14. LEARN MORE OR SCHEDULE A DEMO Contact Alan Maites (312) 492-9333 14 15. Thank You. 824 W. Superior Street, Suite 205, Chicago, IL 60642