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  1. 1. Get Your Website Ready For MobileGeddon
  2. 2. Google is boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly website on mobile search results It helps searchers to easily find relevant results where content is readable without zooming This update affects on search ranking on mobile devices globally Google: Rewards For Mobile Friendly Sites
  3. 3. What You Must Know On 21st of April 2015 Google has made huge change in its algorithm This change will outrank both previous Panda and Penguin algorithms Mobilegeddon will impact on search results than Googles Panda and Penguin
  4. 4. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Lets find it This will set a standard: Whether your landing pages, blog, and website are optimized for mobile You will see the hike in your mobile search rankings if your website is fully optimized for mobile devices That's why some of us called it Mobilegeddon
  5. 5. Test Your Website Is Ready Or Not Google does some loveable things for you Google has provided tools to website owners in advance which will tell you what you need to prepare for its new algorithm Here you can access the tool. If your website is fully mobile optimized, it will show you success message like the one here
  6. 6. Choose Your Approach for Mobile Optimization If any part of your website is not optimized for mobile then it is important to make some change in the ray of new algorithm There are three different configuration which google recognizes as mobile-friendly Move your website to any of following set-ups to protect it from change
  7. 7. 1. Dynamic Serving In dynamic serving server responds depending on which device user is accessing the website In this, the mobile content is hidden when user agent is desktop This user-agent detection is an error- prone technique and an option that will pass Googles mobile optimization test
  8. 8. 2. Responsive Design This is a Googles #1 recommended design pattern Advantage of this pattern is its does not create two copies of the same website We build your website using responsive design from start, there is nothing extra that you need to do
  9. 9. 3. Mobile site Creating a separate website for mobile is the old version of mobile optimization technique It needs you to maintain and Google to crawl two version of same website However it will also pass the Googles mobile-friendly algorithm
  10. 10. Why Responsive Design Is Recommended? Your website visitors likes it: It is same URL for all devices Google loves it: It help Google to index your page very easily Website owners like it: You dont have multiple pages for same content
  11. 11. How OmnePresent Will Help You Its in the name, we make you present everywhere over the internet We help you to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly website on mobile search results We will set a standard for your landing pages, blog, and website that will be optimized for mobile
  12. 12. Conclusion This change is very good for mobile users and marketers as well Modernizing your website to be mobile optimized will help you to generate more traffic to your website Optimized sites meet the better need of customer, reduce friction on website and will ultimately help you to make more conversion
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