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  1. 1. Getting More Information from Your Subscribers AFTER They Opt In
  2. 2. The best email subscription forms ask for very little information to begin with. A name and email address are all that is required. So, how can you then send more personalised emails to your subscribers?
  3. 3. Thank You Page This is an excellent place to get more information from your subscribers. This can be true of an opt-in thank you page, and a product purchase thank you page. Create a form for the page where your subscriber or buyer can click to provide more information about them to help you serve them better. For subscribing. Now can we have further information about you please.
  4. 4. Polls Occasionally, it is helpful to send your list subscribers interactive information in the form of a Poll. This will help engage your list subscribers and open them up to providing further information about themselves so that you can personalise your interactions with them even more. There are many sites which you can use such as Survey Monkey and EasyPolls
  5. 5. Coupons and Codes Any time a subscriber takes advantage of a coupon code is a good time to collect more information about them so that you can personalise the information you send them. You have only collected an email and name when they first opted in but when they redeem the code, ask for just a bit more info.
  6. 6. There are a few more ideas which you can read about on my blog: How to Personalise Your E-Newsletter. If you can think of other ways Ive missed, do please let me know in the comments. Virtuoso-PA Tel: 01392 580924 Email: