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    Getting Started Guide for Teachers


  • Getting Started Guide for Teachers 2

    What is FreshGrade? 3 Supporting Teachers. Empowering Students.

    Engaging Parents

    Account Set-up 5 Web App

    Mobile App

    Account Navigation 7 Teacher Web App

    Teacher iPad App

    Teacher iPhone App

    Teacher App Comparison Guide

    Student App

    Parent App

    Getting Organized 16 Creating and Editing Classes

    Adding Students

    Creating Activities

    Getting Started

    Adding Labels

    Attaching Objectives / Standards

    Choosing an Assessment Tool

    Assigning Students

    Publishing an Activity


    Setting Up Students 22 Adding Profile Pictures

    Inviting Students to a Portfolio

    Managing Portfolio Access 25 Student Portfolio Access

    Portfolio Access Settings

    Account Status: Pending

    Account Status: Connected

    Parent Portfolio Access

    Adding Parents via Web App

    Parent Portfolio Access

    Inviting Parents to a Portfolio

    Revoking Parent Access

    Adding & Inviting Parents Via Mobile App

    Capturing & Documenting Learning 32 Capturing Photos/Video

    Capturing Audio Clips

    Capturing Notes

    Empowering Your Students 36 Student Access

    Self Documentation

    Direct Uploads

    Uploads into an Activity

    Self Reflection

    Collaborating & Communicating 40 Commenting

    Sending Class Announcements

    What will Parents & Students receive?

    Managing Portfolio Activity 44 Notifications

    Allowing Push Notifications:

    Accessing Activity Feed:

    Understanding Your Gradebook 46 Assessments

    Making Assessments

    Filtering Your Gradebook

    Generating Gradebook Reports

    Delivering Impactful Reporting 51 Learning Highlights

    Summary Reports

    “FreshGrade Moments”

    You’re Done! 55

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    What is FreshGrade? Making Learning Visible.

    Capture, Document & Communicate Learning Through Digital Portfolios.

  • What is FreshGrade? 4

    FreshGrade for Teachers

    (Web - iOS - Android)

    Ο Document student learning with video, picture, audio

    and anecdotal notes using mobile & tablet devices

    Ο Collaborate on learning with parents and students

    (descriptive feedback / goals / progress / support needs)

    Ο Support personalized learning by creating activities and

    assigning to specific students (or the entire class)

    Ο Track student progress by comparing documented

    learning samples from one term to the next

    Ο Deliver Impactful reporting with real-time highlights,

    Summary Reports & more

    Ο Create and send class announcements and keep track of

    who has opened the messages

    FreshGrade for Students

    (Web - iOS - Android)*

    Ο Secure access for students to view their personal digital


    Ο Self-document their learning and upload assigned work

    Ο Self-reflect on their performance by posting comments

    on portfolio items

    Ο Receive class announcements sent by teacher

    FreshGrade for Parents

    (Web - iOS - Android)*

    Ο Secure access provides on-going and meaningful

    communication regarding their child’s learning progress,

    enabling them to better support the learning plan

    Ο Ability to view and make comments on their child’s


    Ο Receive class announcements sent by teacher

    *Access is provided at the discretion of the teacher.

    Supporting Teachers. Empowering Students. Engaging Parents

    Using the teacher app, educators can capture, document & communicate meaningful examples of student learning through

    digital portfolios. While parents are provided on-going communication that matters, students are given the opportunity to

    have a voice in their learning.

    “ Being able to capture moments of student

    engagement and evidence of learning process

    through photos and video have helped me show

    parents how their children are doing in a more

    meaningful and substantial way that a traditional

    summative report card ever could.


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    Account Set-up

  • Account Set-up 6

    Web App

    1. Visit

    2. Enter your school e-mail address and set a password

    3. Once logged-in, customize your account

    Ο Choose your Location (this will determine which LOs will

    be available to you)

    Ο Enter your First and Last Name

    Ο Enter your School Name

    Ο Upload a Profile Photo

    4. Check your email and verify your account

    Mobile App

    1. To download the Mobile App search for “FreshGrade” in

    the App Store or Google Play.

    2. Click ‘Sign Up’ to create your FreshGrade Account.

    3. Enter your school email address and set a password.

    Ο Once logged in, customize your account:

    Ο Enter your First and Last Name

    Ο Name your Class

    Ο Upload a Profile Photo

    4. Check your email and verify your account


    You will receive an email from FreshGrade.

    As a security measure, you will not be able

    to share highlights or report cards with

    parents until you verify your account by

    clicking the link in this email.

    “ Students are capturing evidence of their own learning

    and posting it to their digital portfolio... FreshGrade

    allows me to focus on the learning documented in

    the entire portfolio, which is a much clearer picture

    of a student’s growth and learning.


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    Account Navigation

  • Account Navigation 8

    Teacher Web App


    See what objectives you’ve met, which

    students have been assessed, and overall

    class progression against each objective.


    Create and send important class-wide

    announcements to students and/or

    parents to keep them up-to-date.


    Informs you of student and class progression,

    and alerts you to new information added by

    your students or parents.


    This is your homepage and the first thing

    you’ll see when you log in. You can return

    to your Dashboard by clicking on the

    ‘FreshGrade’ logo in the top left.


    Create new classes, edit your current classes,

    or change your personal information.


    View your class list and select specific student

    portfolios to view.


    Create & assign activities, make assessments

    and track student progress.


    Report on and communicate student

    learning, including ‘Summary Reports’ and

    ‘FreshGrade Moments’.


    Capture learning evidence or upload files/

    materials to publish on student portfolios.

    Select individual students or the entire class.

  • Account Navigation 9

    Teacher iPad App


    Do you know someone who would love

    FreshGrade? Introduce them via this button.


    Need some help? Enter our Support Centre

    and search for How-To guides, FAQs, or

    submit a support request.


    Using a borrowed device?

    Come here to log out.


    Change your profile picture, edit your name

    or email address by selecting “EDIT” next to

    your profile picture.


    You will be notified when new materials

    or comments are added to portfolios. The

    “activity feed” lists all your notifications.


    Lists all your classes, allowing you to quickly

    switch classes when required. To add classes,

    or edit existing, click on the gear icon.


    Toggle will allow you to enable the use of

    cellular data when WiFi is unavailable.

    Note: Uploading large amounts of learning evidence can require high data consumption, please use this feature with discretion. All captures taken without WiFi will be saved and uploaded when your connection comes back online.

  • Account Navigation 10


    Capture evidence of learning through

    photos, video, audio, or notes by clicking

    on one of the icons in the toolbar.


    A streaming list of all learning captured

    for your class. Shows who was tagged in

    capture, if it was shared and how many

    views and comments are attached to that

    learning capture.


    Create and send important class-wide

    announcements to students and/or parents

    to keep them up-to-date.


    Click on “Whole Class” to navigate to

    class your class list. Select specific

    student portfolios to view and edit.

    Editing allows you to add student profile

    picture, edit student name and add/edit

    parent contact details.

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