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  • MindShift CBT – Getting Started 1

    MindShift CBT – Getting Started

    Get the App Search for “MindShift CBT” in the App Store or Play Store, download it, and create an account.

    Key Features


    Start tracking your anxiety. This will help you better understand your anxiety and notice changes.

    My Anxiety Types

    Learn the signs for recognizing different types of anxiety and tips for managing them.

    Healthy Thinking

    Identify and deal with unhelpful beliefs.

    Chill Zone

    Listen to relaxation, mindfulness and visualization audio.

    Taking Action

    Face your fears and engage in healthier activities.

  • MindShift CBT – Getting Started 2


    Find out more about anxiety and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

    Quick Relief

    Feeling overwhelmed? Use some quick tools to help you in the moment.


    Set goals to increase your chances of success and stay accountable.


    Send your MindShift data to another person.

    How to share data Press the "Share" tab, as shown above, and select "Share Your Progress".

    Select the tools to include in your report, select a date range, and press “Share”.

    You will then be prompted to send an email with your data.

    Your data will be attached as a .zip file with spreadsheets for each tool.

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    Any questions or feedback? Email us at We do our best to respond to you within 48 hours.

    For more information, check out the MindShift page on our website.

    Contributor: Dr. Melanie Badali, R.Psych.