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    GHS Hazard CommunicationGHS Hazard CommunicationGHS Hazard CommunicationGHS Hazard Communication

    Choose the best answer:

    1. T F The Purpose of the Hazard Communication Law is to ensure that the employees report hazards to the Environmental Protection Agency.

    2. T F The law requires that you receive training on the HazCom or the Right-to-Know Law.

    3. T F You have the right to know about hazardous chemicals in your workplace.

    4. T F Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are technical documents that are no available to most employees.

    5. T F The easiest and quickest way of identifying a hazardous chemicals is to simply look at the products label for HazCom pictograms

    6. T F All hazardous materials carry the same skull and crossbones pictogram on the label.

    7. T F The HazCom rule conforms to the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) standard for labeling and safety data sheets.

    8. T F SDSs have a section on emergencies and first aid.

    9. T F Standard pictograms are required on hazardous chemical containers.

    10. T F SDSs are available to you at work, You should know how to access it.


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