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Web 2.0 Europe - Berlin (re)mix the web Tariq Krim, CEO

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Speaker: Tariq Krim


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Web 2.0 Europe - Berlin

(re)mix the webTariq Krim, CEO

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About Netvibes

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Netvibes pioneeredthe personalized page

• 2 years of operations• Leading personalization platform operating

25M + unique personalized pages.• 100,000 widgets created by 1000

developers, 15,000 members and key widgets publishers

• 1000+ brands and medias have produced netvibes widgets and universess

• Translated in 76 languages providing widgetized content for 69 countries.

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And accelerated the adoption of widgets

Most key web services available as widgets on netvibes

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Introduced Premium widgetsEnabling publishers to express themselves in a widget world

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Distribute top publishersThe best widget catalog is available for netvibes and use UWA:

slide, rockyou, clearspring, yourminis, newsgator,…

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Community widgets and appsEnabling everyone to jump into the widget world

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* See list of compatible widgets

Mobile and iphone support

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Netvibes universesNetvibes Universes enable widget distribution from leading brands

and major media properties around the world

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Widget GalleryNetvibes widget gallery (a.k.a. Ecosystem)

features all international widgets and content portfolio

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What’s next ?

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Social widgetsIntegrate the Social APIs natively in widgets

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