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<p>GitFlow</p> <p>GitFlowSourceTreeGitLabShinu Suresh</p> <p>QADevelopment BranchesProductionMain BranchesDevelopmaster</p> <p>Supporting branchesFeature</p> <p>Release</p> <p>Hotfix</p> <p>Branch namingFeature Anything except master, develop, release-*, hotfix-*Eg:- Qas, Autosuggest, ScrollableProducts etcRelease Release-*Eg:- Release-v1.0.0 (Follow semver), Release-Woody, Release-CheckoutV2 etcFor more information on semver - Hotfix-*Eg:- Hotfix-v1.0.0-PLPIssue, Hotfix-1.0-JIRA-1928 etcTag Eg:- Tag-v1.0.0 (Following semver), Tag-Woody etcSourceTree</p> <p>Atlassian ProductPerfect for NewbiesGitFlow integration</p> <p>Configuration</p> <p>Git User Name Git EmailGit Private Key</p> <p>Public key To be copied over to gitlabSourceTree Dashboard</p> <p>Your Cloned ReposLocal Repo BranchesCore operationsLocal Repo HistoryRemote Repo BranchesGitLabOpensource Git server like GitHubActivity StreamFile browserIntegrated wikiPowerful Code review workflowIssue ManagementCode snippetsWeb hooks (For CI integrations)</p> <p>Dashboard</p> <p>http://gitlabrepo/</p> <p>Host Entry192.168.150.76gitlabrepo</p> <p>WCS7-FEP7 projectQAS Module (Git Module)Acivity Stream</p> <p>File Browser</p> <p>Integrated Wiki</p> <p>Merge Requests &amp; Code ReviewMerge requests from branches which are clonedEg:- Merge request to Template branch from Development team on a security issue fixDiscuss merge requests. Side by side diff is available for reviewSuggest/Accept/Reject changesOnce click merge is available from frontend itself if branch is fast-forwardEmails on merge requests and up on completions</p> <p>IssuesRelease requirements can be an issueDiscussion threadsDesigns can be discussed over commentsMilestones can be added</p> <p>Snippets</p> <p>Typical WorkflowClone ProjectCreate branch with your featureWrite code, Commit changesPush branch to GitLabReview code on commit pageCreate a merge requestYour team lead will review the code &amp; merge it to the main branch</p>