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<ul><li><p>1. Welcome to the GLB </p><p>program </p><p>2. Be a Fat and Calorie Detective </p><p>3. Healthy Eating </p><p>4. Move Those Muscles </p><p>5. Tip the Calorie Balance </p><p>6. Take Charge of Whats Around You </p><p>7. Problem Solving </p><p>8. Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out </p><p>9. Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change </p><p>10. Jump Start Your Activity Plan </p><p>11. Make Social Cues Work for You </p><p>12. Ways to Stay Motivated </p><p>13. Prepare for the Long-Term Self-</p><p>Management </p><p>14. More Volume, Fewer Calories </p><p>15. Balance Your Thoughts </p><p>16. Strengthen Your Exercise Program </p><p>17. Mindful Eating </p><p>18. Stress and Time Management </p><p>19. Standing Up for Your Health </p><p>20. Heart Health </p><p>21. Stretching: The Truth About Flexibility </p><p>22. Looking Back and Looking Forward </p><p>GLB sessions Healthcare to Health 72nd Medical Group </p><p>For More Information: </p><p>Would you like to </p><p> Lower your risk of </p><p>diabetes, heart disease </p><p>and stroke? </p><p> Lose weight? </p><p> Be more active? </p><p> Get advice from weight-</p><p>loss coaches? </p><p> Be part of the inspira-</p><p>tional power of a </p><p>group? </p><p> Learn how to avoid set-</p><p>backs? </p><p>The Group Lifestyle Balance </p><p>(GLB) program is an evidence-</p><p>based program designed to </p><p>improve the health of overweight </p><p>adults. </p><p>It provides: </p><p> Education </p><p> Encouragement </p><p> Tools necessary to help </p><p>you reach your healthy </p><p>lifestyle goals </p><p>Phone: 405-582-6541 </p><p>405-582-6676 </p><p>Healthcare to Health Team </p><p>Annie Coker, RD </p><p>Nestoria Lopez-Wright, CHES </p><p>Sign Up Today! </p></li><li><p>Your GLB Lifestyle Coaches will </p><p>help you work toward two achieva-</p><p>ble goals: </p><p>1. Losing a minimum of 7% of your </p><p>body weight </p><p>2. Safely and progressively </p><p>increasing your physical activity </p><p>to 150 minutes per week. </p><p> Commit to a long-term change in </p><p>your diet and physical activity habits </p><p> Attend 1-hour group sessions as </p><p>scheduled </p><p> Participate in each session </p><p> Monitor your daily food intake and </p><p>physical activity </p><p> Consistently work toward the </p><p>achievable goals. </p><p> Assist you with reaching your </p><p>goals. </p><p> Provide education and tools that </p><p>enable lifestyle changes </p><p> Facilitate each session and </p><p>answer questions. </p><p> Monitor your weekly progress </p><p> Provide additional coaching and </p><p>encouragement to overcome </p><p>obstacles. </p><p>You will patriciate in a 10-12 </p><p>month facilitated program that in-</p><p>cludes 22 sessions. </p><p> Core (16 weekly) </p><p> Support (6 months) </p></li></ul>