Glen Dimaandal - “10 Ways to Get Your Content Read”

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Post on 23-Jan-2018




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1. Eight Ways to Get Content Noticed Aside from SEO @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 2. The Old Way Create Content Do SEO Hope for Engagement @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 3. The New Way Create Content Drive Engagement Good SEO @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 4. How to drive engagement when I dont have search visibility? @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 5. Plenty of Options@glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 6. @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 7. @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 8. @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 9. @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 10. Diversify Content Asset Types @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 11. Participate in Content Communities 12. Use HARO @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 13. Non-Branded Facebook Pages @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 14. Use Rich Pins @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 15. Takeaways SEO isnt the only way to get your content in front of your audiences eyeballs Relationships give your content the most mileage Diversified content creation attracts a bigger audience This is the age of social media. Leverage it.v @glen_dimaandal #ConfluenceCon 16. Thank You!