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Materials that have capabilities to change their properties according to external environmental stimuli such as temperature, electric field, etc., are known as smart coating materials.


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Smart Coating Market - Allied Market Research

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Materials that have capabilities to change their properties according to external environmental stimuli such as temperature, electric field, etc., are known as smart coating materials. These days, smart coating is gaining popularity in commercial application segment as it is used for protective as well as for decorative purposes.

Smart coating has many competitive advantages in a wide variety of applications. It could be a coating that can indicate damage on an aero engine or oil and gas platform or even in a composite being used to save weight on an aircraft. In addition, it could be a barrier coating for a packaging film application and also be transparent and moisture ingress. Due to unique characteristics of this material, it is being adopted in various application segments such as military, aerospace, hospitals, automobiles, etc. This is a major driving force that is leading the manufacturers to invest in smart coating materials. Due to such advance applications of the smart coating materials, consumers are also willing to pay premium prices for smart coated products.

Smart coating material increases the weight of the final products and impacts aesthetics of the final product. This is limiting the adoption of smart coating in few application segments such as consumer electronics, apparels, etc. Environmental impact of smart coating is a major limiting factor that is hampering the growth of smart coating market.

This study gives a detailed analysis of drivers and factors limiting market expansion of smart coatingMicro level analysis is conducted based on its product types, end user applications and geographiesPorters five forces model gives in-depth analysis of bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, threats of new entrants and substitutes and competition amongst the key market playersFrom the value chain analysis, the stakeholders can get a clear and detail picture about this market.KEY BENEFITS

Smart Coating Market Analysis

Smart coating product market (sensing types) analysis:The global smart coating product market ( sensing types) is segmented into pH, Ionic strength, temperature, pressure, surface tension, electric or magnetic field, light, acoustic and mechanical forces. Plastic and silk threads have temperature sensor coating; therefore, these products are used in surgical operation. Pressure sensor coating is used in industrial safety. Due to its chemical resistant and weatherproof properties, smart coating is the choice of both industrial and domestic users.

Smart coating end user application market analysis:The global smart coating end user application market is segmented into Medical Fields, Military applications, IT Technologies, Aerospace, Food & Packaging, Agriculture, Automotive, Architectural, Industrial, Household, Cosmetic & Personal Care and Apparel. This would be well accepted in Military & Medical field and also in other applications where quality and performances matter and not price. End users are always willing to pay premium price for functionality such as scratch resistance, and water & heat resistance coatings.

Smart coating geography market analysis:Geographically, the global smart coating market is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and rest of the world. Though smart coating has great demand in Europe, the manufactures are suffering from negative biological and environmental issues such as greenness. This restricts manufactures from bulk production of coating materials.

Smart coating market competitive analysis:The key players in the global smart coating market are Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd, Nanoshell, Cima Nano tech., New Energy technologies, Ancatt Inc., Research Frontiers, Inc., and Debiotech SA. AnCatt has recently developed environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating platform, which has cost effective, lightweight and self-healing properties as compared to other products in the segment. New Energy technology is developing the first-of-its kind SolarWindow technology, which enables see-through windows to generate electricity by spraying their glass surfaces with New Energys electricity- generating coating. Cima Nano Tech introduced ultra low resistance SANTE EMI shielding film for lightweight, transparent, and thinner EMI shielding.

Smart Coating market high level analysis:Smart coating market is the emerging field of global coating market. This market is facing challenges due to its high cost and environmental issues. This factor is strategically dealt in the analysis and more emphasis is given towards its commercial application and unique characteristics. Due to such characteristics, its gaining tremendous popularity in Military, Hospital, Aerospace and Automobiles industry. Presently greenness is considered as a very important factor along with consistency, quality and superiority. These factors prevent the new entrants from entering the market. Due to the cost competitiveness of bio-based materials, suppliers bargaining power is higher. Due to rapid industrial growth of smart coating, intensity of rivalry is very less. Availability of enough substitutes against smart coating increases buyers bargaining power. The value chain analysis for global smart coating market is systematically done in this studyCompetitive Landscape & High Level Analysis


SMART COATING MARKET BY END-USER APPLICATIONSMedical FieldsMilitary applicationsIT TechnologiesAerospaceFood &PackagingAgricultureAutomotiveArchitecturalIndustrialHouseholdCosmetic & Personal CareApparel


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