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WFWPI and the United Nations : Building Trust over 18 Years

WFWPI Vision 2020: Our second span of 20 years


1995, 4th world conference on womenIt has been difficult for the UN to fulfill its original mission to create an eternally peaceful world devoid of conflict on earthTherefore,we urge a new system of womens peace movementWFWP Founders in 19922

The Founding Vision for Peace3WFWPI was officially inaugurated in 1992 with representatives from 70 nations. The mandate given to us at the time was very different than that of any other organization.

Each Founding Member was called to contribute their talents, mind, heart and creativity in a global mobilisation towards a Peaceful Culture that would involve changes in every field of life: politics, economy, culture and society.

In 1994, 1600 volunteers went to 160 nations to apply the new strategy that envisioned empowered women as the agents of change for healing and community building.

"Creation of Global Women Peace Network..which will help all women around the world to realise this historic mission July 16, 2012"4

To create a global true family movement that emphasizes living for the sake of others, based on the (logoc of love) and carried out in conjunction with education in proper values. Discover ones own value and talents in the process

2. Joining forces with other Non Governmental Organizations and other woman leaders centring on a mothers concern for peace.

Learn to build real partnerships

Step up to take the Lead in a global cooperation to replace the power-centered system of government organisations-..and bring the governments around the world together to usher in the settlement of World Peace.

Learn advocacy and deep-rooted confidence in my own goodness

5WFWPI VISION 2020Personal DevelopmentPlanned Programs/ projects for 2014

Dignity of Women program continue where successfulContinue/ upgrade monthly programs for capacity and skills development based on DP and UT understanding Approach local governments for partnership on issues, UN Day celebrationsYouth WFWP local leadership and aspiring young political leadersEducation for mothersPrayer meetings, prayer conditions for special issues

Family and CommunityPrograms / projects planned for 2014

Develop more specific educational programs (with FFWPU /UPF) based upon family ethics with explanation on role of motherContinue to build on Bridge of Peace Programs/ reconciliation Develop personal relationships with influential peopleSeek active, real partnerships with similar thinking NGOs, religious communitiesBe bold to speak out pro-family, become experts on family (advocacy), be politically active in own communitiesCreate youth leadership programs, engage 2nd gen/ youthEuropean Identity and Contribution WFWP Programs /activities proposed for 2014

Become more strategically active at the UN venues in Europe and with EU institutionsDevelop our Education Department and create educational materialsBecome more prosperous as an organization, as familiesDevelop European membership strategyHold at least 2 -4 European events each year. WFWPI expertises rooted in principles and passion:

You should know that fighting in the family, by extension, means world war! SMM 1968Therefore the one who loves, rather than the one who receives love, becomes the master who can expand the conditions for peace in the world. SMM 1971WFWPI ..Our strengths Awareness raising/ advocacy (statements, conferences)

Clarity about root causes of mega problems

Mediation and diplomacy skills

Knowledge about local situations

Shift of priorities to prevention, reconciliation

Capacity to translate government and UN goals for local needs

Being the conscience toward governments to fulfil their commitments.. With heart 10WFWP-Europe Young Women

Middle East Peace Initiative 10 Year Anniversary pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Amman May 2014

Reconciliation and Peacebuilding:WFWP Europe has made over 200 Bridge of Peace Ceremonies

WFWP- Albania on Finding Happiness, WFWP- Portugal Intl Day of Peace, WFWP-UK in Bolton, WFWP Anniversary 21 years, WFWP Germany in Giessen

WFWP-Scotland with Moslem Women, WFWP-Germany Stutgard, film and lecture on gender ideology, WFWP- Italy with Ukrainian Women and education for peace, Bring our girls back campaign.

Bring our girls back!


WFWP-Malta, WFWP- Ireland, WFWP-Italy, WFWP-AustriaService projects, Annual Events, 1% Love sharing

WFWP-Spain, Charity concert, WFWP- UK in Watford Harmony in Diversity

WFWPI Middle East Conferences each year since 1997Womens Participation in Peace Processes(UN Geneva, Paris)High Commissioner for Human Rights CEDAW President, Ambassadors and Civil Society Experts NGOs

Peace, Security, Human Rights and Responsibilities UN Geneva 19

family, leadership,internships, conflict prevention, syria, DRC, india

WFWPI Internship Program at the UN in Geneva- since 2008

Crime Prevention, Disarmament and Peace - Vienna 21

Role of youth in cultivating a peaceful future:Intercultural exchange between Eurasia and EuropeGWPN

Leadership and Governance

WFWP_Czech Republic, WFWP-FranceWFWP-Slovakia, WFWP- Europe

Given the choice, most girls and women prefer empowerment to protection