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  1. 1. Different Gmail technical problems and their easy solutions In an Email account of Google i.e., Gmail, the users get a lot of features and storage space that users dont get in other email accounts. But as the service is great and users are making Gmail the most popular and used Email service, it holds its own share of issues as well. Find out about the Gmail technical problems and their solutions here What are the login problems? Login problems are the issues that you come across when you are trying to login to your account but you cant. In Gmail, most common login problems are Gmail password recovery, Gmail password reset, Gmail account recovery etc. There are not one but many reasons that cause login problems like losing the password on your own, due to hacking, excessive spamming, temporary server down, temporary blockage of the account, wrong login credentials being used etc. How to manage the Login problems? Gmail password reset, account recovery etc are commonly occurring problems and due to this, the Gmail help and support team has figured and designed easy to avail protocols for the recovery of login credentials and account for the users. The process is barely few minutes long and only requires the user to put in some required information for authentication and once the user has been verified, the account is recovered and again made accessible to the user. The same procedure is for the password problem. It is quite a simple protocol and can be accessed by clicking on Need help option on the login page for Gmail. Once you have clicked on it, then you only need to give the usual login information like your full email address and any of the last
  2. 2. remembered passwords, identification requirements like secondary recovery email id, verification link etc. What other options are there? Of course the protocols can be accessed directly from the users end but first time users and those users who are not very well accustomed to using Internet; they may not be as convenient as usual. Gmail technical support is also given by tutorials for users on the Gmail support website. If tutorials are not really of much help to you then using the helpline numbers would be quite convenient as well. The numbers are different for global users as per their locations so it is even easier to the reach the customer care professionals using those numbers. Miscellaneous issues in Gmail There is no specific category for some issues but they still arise and create inconvenience for the users. Some of these problems are system errors like inability of Gmail to receive or send email, Gmail account setup problem etc. but for such problems too, same mediums of help as stated above can be used. In fact, in addition to the mediums listed above, the users can also find help by using nearby third party technical service. Third parties service is not free like Google but the urgent and 24*7 availability of their service is why it is worth paying for.